45,000 Canadians Killed By Euthanasia Since Trudeau Elected

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New statistics released by federal government report another year of a major “leap forward”  in systemic deaths via legislation initiated and approved by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

“In 2022, 30% more Canadians chose medical assistance in dying, bringing the total number of MAID deaths in Canada since 2016 to 44,958.”

PM Trudeau can be properly labelled as the “founder of assisted dying” in Canada. It was his Liberal government who passed legislation in 2016 to rubber-stamp our country as the world’s premier “Euthanasia regime.”

Why a sparsely populated country with a giant land mass was selected for such an “honour” has never been properly explored. Despite an aging population– or perhaps because of it– government and media continuously speak of the perils of our elderly population and workforce.

To remedy the problem, Mr. Trudeau approved an immigration policy with the highest per-capita intake in the world. At the same time, his Liberal government introduce an assisted suicide policy that has wiped out an equivalent of the populations of small towns dotting the Canadian landscape.

The sordid affair began with the targeting of the physically ill. To be followed by approval for the expiration of those who are mentally ill. Now, there’s talk of adding drug addicts to the list of candidates for Euthanasia.

Sound like a schematic of social engineering to you?  And who, pray-tell, are those–  either voluntarily or through coaxing–  sign up for government-endorsed assisted suicide?

The answer remains a mystery. As it does for abortion and transgenderism.

Do tell, Ms. He/She/They from CBC News:

What are the statistics for those who indulge based on ethnic identity? What categories of Canadians are choosing or being coerced into offing themselves?

Most of our elderly population qualify as “Old Stock” citizens. Therefore, logically speaking, it is these citizens who most indulge. Anglophones, Francophones, First Nations in the main. One can make an assumption that “new arrivals” to Canada indulge on a less frequent basis. One can assume that few come to Canada, only to choose assisted death upon arrival.

“Since people usually migrate when they are young, the vast majority (95.8%) of recent immigrants to Canada from 2016 to 2021 were under the age of 65,” say Statistics Canada.

“Just over 1 in 10 recent immigrants were youth and young adults aged 15 to 24 (10.9%), while most (64.2%) were in the core working age group of 25 to 54.”

Proof positive, or damn close to it. Media say nothing. In 2023, they’re in permanent “tow the government line” mode, even at the expense of the lives of Canadian citizens.

“In 2020, Canada also experienced the lowest number of births since 2007 and the greatest year-over-year decrease in births (-3.6%) since 1997.”

In terms of demographics, white Canadians are not having children. Elderly Canadian-born citizens are “expiring” at unprecedented levels, whether through natural attrition or institutionalized government policy.

The Liberal solution: Immigration, and lots of it. So much so that in one generation’s time, white Canadians will constitute a minority community. Media couldn’t give a damn– they never write about the topic.

In terms of recently approved MAiD for mental illness, we uncover a hidden gem:

“Mood, Anxiety, Substance Use Disorders Lower Among Certain Racialized Groups’

“In 2022, the overall prevalence of mood, anxiety and substance use disorders varied among racialized groups.”

“The prevalence was lower among Chinese, Filipino, South Asian and Black people in Canada, as compared with non-racialized, non-Indigenous people. Differences in prevalence could be related to socio-cultural differences in willingness to report symptoms of mental illness or related to the stigma associated with mental illness.”

What a find this is. Justin Trudeau approves MAiD for the mentally ill, of which white Canadians qualify far more than his preferred 3rd World migrant contingent.

Media say nothing. Moving on to drug addiction, any Canuck worth their salt knows that whites and Indigenous Canadians fly higher in this category than, for example, Sikh and Muslim Canadians.

Media say nothing. Holy Cow– they must want the same thing as government. This data will not be exposed by media to the people of our country. At least, 99% of us.

This way, Anglophone-Canadian communities will have blinders placed in front of their eyes for the purpose of circumventing an understanding of which communities are indulging in Euthanasia, in addition to abortion and transgenderism.

45,00 Canadians– assumed to be of the Old Stock variety– knocked off since Justin Trudeau became prime minister in October, 2015.

The physically ill. The mentally ill. The drug-addicted.

Quite an accomplishment it is. Chairman Mao would be mighty impressed by Justin Trudeau and his Quebecois/3rd World-centric collection of politicians and legislators.

Come to think of it, if alive, Hitler would have been impressed as well.

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  1. Isn’t this caring; frugal man planning to promote the Final Exit to incarcerated individuals as well? And, perhaps some day soon–Juvenile detention center inmates. In Trudopia; A bad hair day will soon be sufficient reason to slip the mortal coil.

  2. Quebec=bad=why=they are french. Brad shut the fuck, at this point i hope censorship deletes your blog you fucking tribal divide and conquer brainlet.

    • Quebec = French = Bad.” The first part of the equation is true. Regarding Quebec; “Bad” is subjective, and not held by CAP. Their past/current attitudes/hamstringing toward the “non-distinct” part of (English) Canada are well-known, and hardly benevolent. BTW–“F” bombs are vulgar, and not necessary to make a point. Valid; or otherwise. Insults are a distraction; not an argument.

    • Wow, if you don’t like what Brad writes, then don’t read it. You need to get off this planet with Trudeau using his maid services.


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