Portraying Trudeau As Blameless For Convoy Confirms Globalist Media Agenda

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How can it be? How is it that the Canadian government is released from responsibility for the Truckers Convoy in Ottawa?

What should be unfathomable is today a reality. The polarization of media coverage has spread far beyond Canadian borders. United States, U.K., Australia, France and other western countries are now reporting on the debacle in Ottawa.

CNN:  “People are living in fear and are terrified.” 

Toronto Sun: “The protest now resembled more of a – gasp! – fun carnival, complete with bouncy castles, hot tubs and saunas.”

 Justin Trudeau: “Freedom of expression, assembly and association are cornerstones of democracy. Nazi symbolism, racist imagery, and desecration of war memorials are not.”

Fox News: “There’s no more fearful despot in the world than Justin Trudeau of Canada.” 

What to believe? Check out Toronto Star, and the entire fault is found in a motley crew of working class racists. Take a gander at Fox News, and Justin Trudeau is a lunatic worthy of an extended stay in the psych ward.

A step beyond the rhetorical reveals a serious social condition. It is called “uniformity.” Cultural Action Party note a blatant omission. The CBC’s and CNN’s of the world are united in methodology. Not a speck of responsibility has been attributed to the prime minister of Canada.

Such circumstances speak enough volumes to fill the Encyclopædia Britannica. How can Justin Trudeau be excluded from responsibility for the mess that is present-day Canada?

What an absurdity it is. Trudeau has been prime minister for more than six years. It is he who has transformed Canada into a nation unrecognizable to the Canadian-born. His preening about the world stage wrapped in a flag of moral pretension colours the essence of contemporary society.

Globalism, carbon taxation, climate change, wokism, federal deficits, pandemic extremism, internet censorship, racism accusations and vilification of Old Stock communities.

And yet responsibility for current social chaos lies elsewhere?  Media tell us that culpability is found where it is always found: in the behaviours of average Canadian citizens. The working class. Conservatives. Those branded racists and bigots. Anywhere but where it exists– in the actions and policies of government.

They are all like this. The propaganda is as uniform as it is ubiquitous. Inside and outside Canada, the vibe remains. What can one glean from this situation? How about the idea that control of media transcends national borders? That the controllers of Canadian media are not Canadians.

On this basis, an incompetent, puerile politician like Justin Trudeau is relieved of responsibility for Canada’s greatest social catastrophe. There is a word to elucidate such circumstances: propaganda.

It is the condition of 21st century western society. It is also a manifestation of communist ideology. As in, when government and media are united to form a singular controlling institution.

If only the  emulation of authoritarian governance stopped there. Not a chance– a replication of non-democratic political tactics has permeated the halls of our Parliament.

Justin Trudeau’s freedom from responsibility for the Truckers Protest is a travesty of justice, and could be recognized as such. That is, media were not being paid to deflect liability from the individual most responsible.

3 thoughts on “Portraying Trudeau As Blameless For Convoy Confirms Globalist Media Agenda”

  1. What a shocking contrast: The prime focus of Canadian prime ministers as far back as John A Macdonald: “Peace; order; good governance.” (Minus the communist jackass P. E. Trudeau–father of, and one or two other bad apples.) The “PM” today: “Globalism, carbon taxation, climate change, wokism, federal deficits, pandemic extremism, internet censorship, racism accusations and vilification of Old Stock communities.” What did we do to deserve this torment? What did we do to deserve this disgusting; lying coward? Our forefathers are turning over in their graves.


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