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CAP trivia question: Upon seizing control of Canada in 2015, by what percentage did PM Trudeau and Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen increase Family Reunification quotas in Canada?

Answer: 400%. Why? Because the Liberals precious Third World voter-base asked for this. Of course, they are well served by Trudeau’s posse of Third World MP’s– Hussen from Somalia, Iqra Khalid from Pakistan, and Omar Alghabra from Saudi Arabia.

Interestingly, each of these politicians remain citizens of their original nation. No surprise there–it’s not as if these types fully dedicate themselves to anything other than a personal religious belief system.

In Angela Merkel’s Germany, similar dynamics exist. Globalism is a “global”phenomenon, after all. It trans-cends western borders, as it is designed to do.

The number of German residents with an immigrant background has reached a new high at 25.5 percent of the total population. Meanwhile, the number of young children in Germany with migrant backgrounds is even higher at 42 percent.

The report also revealed that the primary reason which led immigrants to move to Germany was family reunification. Of the 13.5 million immigrant residents, 48 percent of them cited family reunification as the main motivation for making the trip.

No wonder the Trudeau government upped the quota by 400%. Third World migrants simply adore family reunification. How does Old Stock Canada feel about the topic?

Canadians have no idea, because media never write about it, and other than announcing quota increases,  Ahmed Hussen and the Liberals say nothing. Yet, here we find tangible  evidence of exactly why Trudeau & Co. behave the way they do.

After all, it can’t be for economic reasons. Multiple studies inform us that giant, billion dollar losses are the result of family reunification. According to a study from Yale-educated Canadian economist, Herbert Grubel, entitled The Invisible Price Tag Of Immigration” we find the following:

$6,000 is annually transferred to the average immigrant at the expense of Canadian taxpayers. In 2006, the value of these transfers to all 2.7 million immigrants who arrived between 1987 and 2004 came to $16.3-billion.

“Taking account of the 1.5 million immigrants who arrived since 2004, the fiscal burden comes to $25-billion in 2010. These costs represent a significant portion of the federal government’s $55-billion deficit projected for the fiscal year 2011.”

Much of this is due to Canada’s Family Reunification policy. Why? Because elderly parents and grandparents contribute little to our economy, while sucking up billions in medical, dental and general health issues.

Therefore, logically speaking, an economic benefit is not an element of government rationalization of family migration policy. What is? Two main elements:

First, to win votes for the Trudeau government. It is understood(by some) that Third World migrants tend to vote for the party in power upon their entry to Canada. It is also known that these families vote en masse–generally, they all vote for the same party. These families have many more children than Old Stock Canadians–we being of the “taxed-to-death” variety.

Secondly–the future votes of the newcomers. Keep in mind that when Somalian Refugee MP Ahmed Hussen says “family reunification,” he really means it. Potentially, brothers, sisters, half-brothers, uncles, aunts, and step-children potentially qualify. That’s one heck of a lot of Liberal voters.

It here we discover the reasoning: a greater ability for Justin Trudeau to remain in power indefinitely. This is the absolute, bottom-line reason for the entire affair.

Back to Germany. While millions of immigrants pour into Germany each year, the country’s rapid demographic changes are compounded by the fact that hundreds of thousands of Germans move out of the country each year. In 2017, close to 250,000 Germans left the country.

Danke, Frau Merkel. What a service to her nation!  Completely trans-form the national demographic, permitting millions of migrants and refugees to pour into Germany. Does Ms. Merkel have a mandate to do so?

Justin Trudeau doesn’t, but this does not prevent him from tweeting the world and inviting illegal and fake refugees to enter Canada. Do tell- where is the democracy(will of majority) in all of this Nowhere–that’s where.

In 2017, Frankfurt became the very first German city to see native Germans in the minority. As of today, native Germans are now in the minority in the cities of Pforzheim, Sindelfingen, Heilbronn, and Offenbach. Only 37 percent of the population of Offenbach is comprised of native Germans.

In Nuremberg individuals with migrant-backgrounds now comprise 44.6 percent of the population. In Stuttgart, those with migrant backgrounds comprise 44.1 percent of the city’s population, whereas in Munich people with migrant backgrounds makeup 43.2 percent. Among under 18’s in the Stuttgart, 60 percent have migrant backgrounds

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Want this for Canada? Vote Justin Trudeau, and it will be yours. In fact, even without voting for this cultural assassin, Canada may well suffer a similar fate to Merkel’s Germany.

CAP Lay It On The Line: What you read here regarding German demographics is EXACTLY what Trudeau and Hussen will do to Canada if permitted. Not a variation, or tweak of the situation– but rather an exact replication.

All Canadians have to do is vote Justin Trudeau in for an additional four-year term. Rule #1 about globalist leaders: they NEVER stop globalizing their nations. Has Merkel? Emmanuel Macron? That awful female prime minister in New Zealand? Of course not–they have a mission to accomplish, and nothing stands in their way of diluting and decaying traditional society within their borders.

Looking at present-day Germany is like looking at 2050 Canada. Or perhaps much sooner, depending on which federal party is in power. Keep in mind the Conservatives have been a major disservice to European-Canadians as well– Brian Mulroney being perhaps the leading culprit.

Canada has one generation before our ultimate fate is decided. Voters can influence the outcome–if they get out and vote. One reason Justin pushes the Sikh and Muslim ticket so hard is that these people do get out and vote. Voter apathy among Anglophones is a silent killer. Buyer Beware.





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