4000-Person Protest In Australia As Covid Chaos Runs Rampant

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Police arrested more than 250 people as protests swept Australia in response to renewed lockdown orders amid rising cases of Covid-19.

“Police used pepper spray in Melbourne to break up crowds of more than 4,000 surging toward police lines, while smaller groups of protesters were prevented from congregating in Sydney by a large contingent of riot police,” Reuters has reported.

Australia and Canada— let us count the ways.”

Both countries were established through European expansion. Both remain part of the British Commonwealth. Their systems of governance are derived from Britain– parliamentary structure, democracy, judicial and legal systems. Canada and Australia are large geographic territories combined with small populations. Room for expansion abounds.

In 2021, Canada and Australia are saturated with pandemic hysteria. Thoughts of a conspiratorial nature conjure up some challenging ideas. Not only are these two nations inundated with pandemic problems– it is, so the theory goes– the way it is supposed to be.

An interesting thought this is. What if, rather than a random historical development, pre-meditated intent lingers behind the surface. 

If one were to select nations that most strategically fit the bill, which countries would be chosen? Certainly not non-western or non-democratic societies. Smarter it is to select Australia and Canada.

Both are susceptible to foreign government infiltration. In the case of Canada, one can argue our ruling Liberal government support these circumstances. If geographic proximity was to be a factor, Australia may rise to the number one position.

“60% of the population of 25 million is now under lockdown[in Australia]. Stay-at-home orders, often lasting for months, have taxed the patience of many.”

“Police in New South Wales handed out 940 fines in the past 24 hours. This follows hundreds of arrests made by police during anti-lockdown demonstrations in Sydney and Melbourne.”

Away from the eyeballs of Canadian media, much discussion has been taking place concerning China’s geo-political ambitions. Although CBC and Globe & Mail do not speak of it, China’s Belt And Road Initiative has been driving international business expansion into South Asia, Australia and dozens of African countries.

The Belt And Road Initiative is considered the cornerstone of Chinese Communist Party foreign policy. Patriots would do well to consider how infrequently this geo-political agenda receives exposure by way of Canadian media.

“Some observers and skeptics, including the United States, interpret it as a plan for a Sinocentric International Trade Network. In response, the United States, Japan and Australia have formed a counter initiative, the Blue Dot Network.”

How fascinating. Australia having gone as far as to partner with the USA and Japan to block the initiative. Has China found a method to fight back? Could Covid dissemination be serving as subterfuge for post-modern warfare?

Paranoid much? In fact, we are. Why would establishment media in Canada omit this entire geo-political dynamic? To illustrate, try this quick experiment:

First, do a web search using keywords “China Belt And Road Initiative.” If your results are like ours, every article listed will be from non-Canadian sources.

Next, try “Canada Belt And Road Initiative.” Our results deliver not one article related to the project. Keep in mind that this thing is a GIANT.

The Belt and Road Initiative addresses an “infrastructure gap” and thus has the potential to accelerate economic growth across the Asia Pacific, Africa and Central and Eastern Europe. A report from the World Pensions Council estimates that Asia, excluding China, require up to $900 billion of infrastructure investments per year over the next decade.

“Require,” do they? China has launched a world-wide geo-political agenda unprecedented in history. They certainly have their telescope raised toward Australia and Canada.

CAP can’t help but wonder about the true role the Covid pandemic is playing within a geo-political agenda being down-played by Canadian media.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder (Est. 2016)

1 thought on “4000-Person Protest In Australia As Covid Chaos Runs Rampant”

  1. This will continue, people are totally sick of the lockdowns as they do nothing. Government say when vaccinations get to 80%, no more lockdowns, as if. There will still be positive cases vaccinated or not. We have to learn to live with this flu. There may be positive cases but few are actually sick. If they keep testing 50,000 a day of course there will be positives. The economy will take years to recover.


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