400-Page Study In U.K. Condemns Sex-Change Surgery For Youth

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“A landmark 400-page report published in the U.K. earlier this week has confirmed that, in most cases, gender-diverse youth should not be given puberty blockers, hormones or sex-change surgeries.”

“British policymakers are now further restricting access to these interventions and investigating the nation’s adult gender clinics, a wise approach that Canada should follow.

But how will Canada follow, when government and media refuse to expose the study’s finding to the general public? Thus far, only one media organization has let the anti-transgender cat out of the bag.

Published this week by the National Post, “The Danger Of Puberty Blockers For Kids Has Never Been So Clear” delivers the goods:

“The government-commissioned report, which was authored by retired pediatrician Hillary Cass after four years of investigative work, concluded that the evidence base for transitioning youth is ‘remarkably weak’  and that the entire field of pediatric gender medicine is built on shaky foundations.”

As disseminated by the CBC? Not. As tweeted by the Toronto Star? Say no-go to that one. Here we have the most in-depth report on the effects of puberty blockers on children ever produced, and 95% of mainstream media outlets in Canada neglect to report on it.

Clearly, they want what government want. Despite damages to Canadian youth, in most cases irreversible, both the Liberal government and the media they fund thus far refrain from doing their journalistic duty. It’s one thing for this to occur when an social issue is adult-oriented. It becomes downright schematic for it to occur regarding the most vulnerable segment of society– our children.

From day one of transgender trending in Canada, Cultural Action Party[est. 2016] perceived the situation as a “money-game.” Big Pharma profits, medical industry sales, in addition to ramping up revenues for non-medical industries like fashion and cosmetics.

“When Dr Cass commissioned independent researchers to study outcomes for young people who had been subjected to endocrinological and surgical interventions, the gender clinicians refused to give the researchers access to patient records. What are they hiding?”

Whatever they are hiding, it also applies to a host of MP’s within the Liberal government of Canada. One of them is Minister for Women and Gender Equality and Youth, Liberal MP Marci Ien. British Columbia NDP MLA Rachna Singh is so deep into trans-promotion that a petition has been created to remove her from her position as Minister of Education and Child Care.

On an international level comes a bomb-shell statement regarding the sex-change debate:

“British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said the findings of the review, released Wednesday, underscore the need for extreme caution on gender treatments.” 

In Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is cut from a  different piece of pink cloth:

“I want to be very clear about one thing: trans women are women,” Trudeau wrote.

That’s it? This is your entire statement regarding a social issue filled with nuance and complexity? That’s all she wrote for a trend in society affecting thousands of parents and the quality of their family lives? How shallow and superficial can one national leader be?

Responding to the Cass ReviewDr Louise Irvine, co-director of the Clinical Advisory Network on Sex and Gender, stated that  “England must launch the same Cass-style review into adult gender clinics to root out practices not based on evidence and ensure safe holistic evidence-based care.

“It is a dereliction of duty. This information is needed by clinicians, the general public and most importantly, future patients and their families.”

We come to comprehend the divergence at hand. Both government and media are playing protectionism regarding one of the most contentious social issues of our time.

Under the iron-clad control of PM Trudeau, our country has been transitioned to the transgender capital of the world. Over the course of three consecutive federal election victories, has this ever been part of the Liberal’s public platform? Has government ever solicited our citizenship in order to understand whether voters are desirous of this status?

No, and never are your answers. The Liberals just up-and-did-it, likely based on an international decree emanating from LGBT advocates World Economic Forum and various other globalist entities.

“Belgium And Netherlands Call For Puberty Blocker Restrictions Following Cass Review”

“Belgium and the Netherlands have become the latest countries to question the use of puberty blockers on children after the Cass Review  warned of a lack of research on the gender treatment’s long-term effects.”

“Britain has become the fifth nation [in Europe] to restrict the use of the drug to those under 18 after initially making them part of their gender treatments.”

How many Canadians out of a current 41 million are aware of these developments? CAP guess the answer is “few and far between.” Why? Because Trudeau and team have instructed media not to blow-the-whistle on a rapidly advancing societal push-back calling out the dangers of hormone therapy?

It’s as good a piece of speculation as any. In clandestine fashion, with no public mandate, our Liberal government advance a social agenda finally being exposed for what it truly is.

“When young people with gender dysphoria go through their natural puberty, these feelings will only persist in about 15 per cent,” states the report.

From the National Post:

“In an undercover investigation, Radio Canada recently sent a 14-year-old actress, posing as transgender, into a private gender clinic. It took nine minutes of consultation for ‘Sascha’ to get a prescription for testosterone.”

Not a business, eh? Hot damn.

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