40% Of Citizens Say Covid-19 Vaccine SHOULD NOT BE FORCED Upon Canadians

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“It’s almost as if it seen as just another flu vaccine” Leger Poll VP Christian Bourque stated to the Canadian Press.

“I myself would have expected a higher number given the severity, given the crisis we’re in,” said Mr. Bourque.

An interesting piece of feedback from this individual. Since China’s pandemic began to destroy Canadian lives, CAP notice a particular theme running through the commentary of our ruling Liberal government, and their health-oriented pundits.

It’s the fine art of naiveté— specious commentary devoid of any form of caution or suspicion related to Coronavirus in Canada.

Liberal Health Minister, MP Patty Hadju, expressed her feelings on China and the pandemic. Not a word of doubt, skepticism or concern regarding the quantity of Chinese nationals infected by Covid-19.

Hadju’s attitude is indicative of Liberal-Globalist line on China— “If they say so, it must be true.”

Are Leger polling executives following suit?  Could they be missing a vital element of the reason Canadians do not want forced injections of a so-called Covid-19 remedy?

CAP think so—the idea that millions of Canadians do not trustChina. Millions do not trust PM Trudeau, nor do copious amounts of Canadians trust the individual Trudeau placed in charge of Covid in Canada—Hong Kong born, Dr. Teresa Tam.

Recently, a Conservative MP in Ontario called out Dr. Tam.“Does she work for Canada, or China?” Since the day Trudeau selected an inappropriate person as “Covid Czar” of Canada,CAP have questioned the choice. Apparently, at least one MPagrees. 

Government and Media Fallout? “Racist to the core” stated various Liberal and Conservative MP’s. Naturally, they arewrong. Neither the Criminal Code(Section 319) defining a“hate crime,” nor the legislated definition according to theCharter of Rights and Freedoms, have been breached by this “nasty Conservative fellow.”

Degree of impact upon CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star and National Post? Nothing at all. Degree of our prime minister’s consideration of legal or legislated definitions of what racism constitutes in Canada?

Not a damn thing. Talk about a perfect microcosm for the Trudeau brand of globalist pseudo- socialism. Racism is…whatever Justin Trudreau says it is.

Now, try this on for size: millions of Canadians are sceptical of the Coronavirus antidote because of a lack of TRUST.

They do not trust anything about this international pandemic. Sensible-thinking Canadians do not trust China, nor King Justin, nor “Dr.” Tam. Thinking Canucks do not trust CBC, Globe & Mail and the rest.

Turns out the “genius” from Leger polling cannot deduce this component of the equation. But CAP can— and now we have evidence which lends credence to the concept.

Enforced vaccinations for Covid-19 in Canada? Do tell, fellow patriots—what substances apart from a virus remedy might be contained within Tam’s “magic formula.”

BURIED BY MEDIA: The Mysterious Death Of Michel Trudeau, Brother of Canadian Prime Minister

For context, consider socialist, communist or totalitarian governments of history. Would you, Mr. Jones from Orilla, Ontario permit the KGB to knock you up with an injection when you know nothing about what is contained within?

At the risk of being hysterical, CAP view this pandemic solution on a similar playing field. 

Pourquoi? Because we believe the ruling government of Canada is a form of pseudo-dictatorship. CAP theory tells us that Justin Trudeau is prime minister for the purpose of trans-itioning Canada from democracy to dictatorship. 

In this regard, totalitarian governments work to control their societies. This also involves attempts to control the thought patterns of their citizenship.

Is the Liberal-3rd World-Globalist government incapable of emulating draconian behaviour of this nature?

CAP do not know. Has the idea ever been expressed even once by CBC and the rest? Of course not. According to Globe & Mail, every Canadian should be walking in line toward the inoculation booth.

Be honest here— do you trust Justin Trudeau in this regard? Has he not proven himself to be one of China’s key supportersoutside of the “motherland?” Did he not select a person with potential loyalty to China as the “Queen Of Corona?”

CAP will repeat what we stated on the day that the Trudeau Solution came to town: we recommend that not a single “Old Stock” Canadian indulge in the pandemic remedy.

Judging by Leger poll results, it is possible millions of Canadians feel the exact same way.


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