40% Of Canadians OUTSIDE Quebec In Favour Of Ban On “Religious Symbols”

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In April, Léger Marketing carried out a country-wide online poll asking if voters would support the ban of religious symbols for teachers, police officers and judges in their province. Outside Quebec, fully 40 per cent of Canadians approved of such a ban in their own province.

What does this tell informed Canadian citizens? That if Justin Trudeau were to remain prime minister of Canada for a million years, he will never push for this within English Canada.

As this self-appointed king has proven to voters, he has no interest in public opinion–other than how it related to winning a second term as PM of Canada. Another poll informs us 90% of Canadians do not want re-instatement of citizenship for ISIS terrorists.

King Justin’s response: “The Liberal Party believes that terrorists should get to keep their Canadian citizenship … because I do, And I’m willing to take on anyone who disagrees with that.”

Okay then, Mr. Trudeau–prepare to put on boxing gloves in preparation to take on 90% of the Canadian people. Sheer idiocy–can anyone deny this? And 100% anti-democratic. No concern for the will of the majority. Public opinion rendered meaningless.

CAP Question Time: what general style of governance is typical of this approach? Even Andrew Coyne would have to admit this smacks of totalitarianism. He never will, of course–he appears to be perfectly satisfied with the decimation of Old Stock Canada. After  all, he’s one of them. How surreal.

To add insult to globalist-liberalism– here is the kicker :a sizable chunk of Liberal voters also embraced the ban. Here are the numbers: Atlantic Canada, 28% Alberta, 31%; Ontario, 32%; B.C., 34%;  Prairies (Manitoba and Saskatchewan), 62%.

Challenging CAP Questions: Considering the history of our nation, why is it that nationalism in French Canada a socially acceptable condition, while nationalism within English Canada is non-existent?

Furthermore, and equally as compelling, is the following: Why is pride and nationalism a social taboo for a single identifiable Canadian community: Anglophone Canada?

Dare say, these are serious questions regarding Canadian identity and heritage. Has Trudeau Dynasty resulted in a form of marginalization of Anglophone Canada rooted in globalist-liberal ideology?

Thankfully, CBC and Globe & Mail have been positing these questions for decades– NOT! John Ibbitson. Margaret Wente. John Ivison. Chantal Hebert. The so-called “intelligencia”  of our society– and not one of them has written on these issues in their entire careers as Canada’s leading journalists.

Why not? Because Canada has for decades been targeted as a trans-sitional nation. As in, based upon liberal-globalist ideology, Anglophone and Christian Canada are to be transferred away from being a power-player within society. In their stead, Justin’s “new” Canada–a Third World-dominated nation. In religious terms, we will transition from a Christian-based nation to one where the Nation of Islam is the dominant player.

Now, is it true, or untrue, that Justin Trudeau has busted his butt to fulfil every prophesy put forth under this globalist plan of cultural eradication? He pushes Islam big-time. Also, population-controlling mass abortion and transgenderism for citizens of any age.

Of course, an ongoing legal challenge of the ban by the Canadian Civil Liberties Association and National Council of Canadian Muslims may result in the headgear ban ending up in the Supreme Court Of Canada..

The hypocrisy of this situation could kill a Canadian patriot at ten paces. Why is Trudeau mainly silent regarding the Quebec ban? Because it is very popular in Quebec. If Justin publicly opposes the ban, he could lose his last remaining bastion of provincial power in Canada.

Therefore, he pretty much keeps his mouth shut on the matter. Talk about being caught in a moment and you can’t get out of it– Political Hypocrisy 101. Obvious as the back of your hand. Articulated within establishment media? Barely.

Conclusion: Yet again–ad nauseum– liberal media protection of a Liberal prime minister. Please do tell- if CBC and the other journalistic vultures picked at the political carcass of Justin Trudeau in a similar manner to their treatment of former Conservative PM, Stephen Harper, for how long would this man– an expert in economics–remain our national leader?

The man would be gone faster than the Halal Beef Wraps served up at a Liberal Campaign office in Mississauga. But rather than expose, media cover-up. For the Liberals. Did a cash injection of $600 Million big ones assist?

Government and media fused into a single entity? You be the judge. For CAP, this is a sure-fire signal that the political philosophy venerated by Pierre, Justin and commie-in-the-shadows brother Alexandre has now permeated Canadian society.

READ MORE: Alexandre Trudeau, Brother Of Prime Minister,  Runs Down Anglophone Canada In His Latest Anti-Canadian Film.

What else should informed, common sense Canadians expect? Ever since Trudeau Senior “blessed” Canada with multicultural ideology, our nation has been on a path toward the decline of true democracy, as well as freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

Yes, Conservative governments have ruled intermittently, but the general liberal globalist-multicultural dynamic has been in place throughout– Brian Mulroney being the essence as such. During its forty-year history, multiculturalism has never been questioned, analyzed, dissected. It is merely a given–the very thing which informs CAP there is something illicit about the entire affair.

This policy is a national game-changer. Not a single piece of publishing has ever communicated this truism. Government policy within a so-called democracy(please!) has resulted in the biggest societal change(in tandem with mass immigration) in Canadian history.

Number of articles on the trans-formation from Old Stock Canada’s perspective? ZERO.

There you have it– it began with Pierre, and is being fulfilled by Justin. A non-democratic, non-public approved piece of legislation which is resulting in the depopulation and marginalization of Anglophone and Christian Canada.

A national tragedy, to be sure. Then, King Justin prances on stage wearing a Sikh Bollywood get-up to inform the people of Canada that “diversity is our strength.”





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