40 Nobel Prize Winners DEMAND Trudeau Cancel Alberta Oil Sands Project

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“As recipients of the Nobel Prize, we call on you and your cabinet to act with the moral clarity required by the state of this crisis and reject the proposed Teck Frontier mine proposal.”

There you have it–from a non-Canadian media source. Thus far within CBC and mainstream media–not one peep about this development.

A list of 41 Nobel Prize winners have signed a petition urging Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to stop the Teck Frontier mine in Alberta.

The petition, published in an open letter via The Guardian, is signed by Peace Prize winners, made up of 10 winners in chemistry, three in literature, 12 in medicine, nine Peace Prize winners, and seven physicists.

The letter argues that the enabling of the fossil fuel industry’s growth is “an affront to our state of climate emergency,” going so far as to call it a “disgrace” that Canada is even “considering them.”

“The response to the climate crisis will define and destroy legacies in the coming years, and the qualifications for being on the right side of history are clear: an immediate end to fossil-fuel financing and expansion along with an ambitious and just transition away from oil and gas production towards zero-carbon well before mid-century,” the letter argues.

That’s some hard-hitting rhetoric, for certain. Yet, what interests CAP more than taking a side in the pipeline battle, is how our media in Canada have approached this development.

Quick Answer: CBC and the rest have not exposed this development in any manner. It seems reasonable to state that this is a news-worthy story– regardless of whether or not one buys into the climate change debacle or not.

The Nobel Prize winners continue: “Projects that enable fossil-fuel growth at this moment in time are an affront to our state of climate emergency, and the mere fact that they warrant debate in Canada should be seen as a disgrace.

“They are wholly incompatible with your government’s recent commitment to net-zero greenhouse-gas emissions by 2050. And with clear infringements on First Nations rights, such projects fly in the face of rhetoric and purported efforts towards reconciliation.”

As CAP previously posited, there is one element of the debate regarding pipeline development as it related to our ruling government being sublimated: the Liberals do not actually want these pipelines to come to fruition.

Rather, it seems that PM Trudeau’s main objective os for our nation to “go in circles” regarding pipeline development and expansion. All Trudeau commentary results in the same tepid nothingness: “We are working very hard to resolve the situation”--while delivering no plan whatsoever.

The really strange thing is–Canadian media outlets are accepting this hollow, vacuous sentiment. CBC must really like Justin a lot to overlook such flagrant incompetency, eh?

From CAP’s perspective, Justin Trudeau wants what the United Nations, Islam, Sikhism and China want. Additionally, Trudeau is here to fulfill the agenda of George Soros “Open Society Foundation”— international refugees, open borders, media control , LGBT and abortion-mongering of boss-man Soros.

Therefore, he does what he is told to do by his string-pullers. Regarding Oil Sands Development, our guess is the Globalist-Liberal agenda goes something like this:

Dear Justin,

Kindly lead 37.7 Million Canadians around in circles for as long as you can. Play both sides of the coin, never revealing your true agenda. Get the people of Canada fighting amongst themselves. Utilize the First Nations-Pipeline dynamic to throw Canadian society into chaos.

Continue for as long as humanely possible, without actually resolving the issue or completing any major projects. Tides Corporation of America, the Soros Foundation, Saudi Arabia and Iran will be very happy if you take on this next phase in our program for the decimation of 153 years of Canadian identity. Not to worry, in the long-term your financial compensation will more than reward you for your hard work.


The Globalists Who Control You.

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There you have it, fellow patriots– this is exactly what CAP believe about our ruling PM, and his role as globalist destroyer. Trudeau is not a prime minister in any conventional sense. To borrow a quote from the 1979 film “Apocalypse Now,” Justin Trudeau is an “errand boy sent by grocery clerks.”  

If the power players want to utilize pipeline protests as a method to achieve goals such as the transition of Canada from democratic nation to a one-party-state, PM Trudeau will work their will.

This is the true reason for the breaking down of Canadian society under the “iron-fisted” minority government of Justin Trudeau. Isn’t it rather curious that although the Liberals transitioned from a majority to minority government in late 2019, the Liberals seem to have more power than ever?

Such is the sketchy state-of-affairs within “post-modern” Canada. Justin Trudeau is the greatest curiousity of a PM in Canadian history. The man is a political aberration, always working on behalf of non-Canadian forces above and beyond domestic concerns.

Is Trudeau using the pipeline debacle as yet another weapon in a tool box of globalist seduction? CAP think so. In fact, if it wasn’t for the trans-ition of media into a clone of Communist China,  37.7 Million Canadians might comprehend this in no uncertain terms.



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  1. Lets send protesters to these “academics” countries and protest their infrastructure, economics, energy projects and shut down their countries. See how they would react and overcome the turmoil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. There is an underground resistance brewing. Stephen Harper is setting up his real candidate for his real game. And this time, he’s going to have tons of information to work with while Trudeau will not know whom this opponent is.


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