4-Year Old Leukemia Patient’s Family Faces Eviction For Covid Non-Compliance

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Canada sure has a strange way of showing compassion. Our government prides itself on altruism toward the suffering of the world. A recent example being Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s pledge to import 40,000 refugees from Afghanistan by the end of 2022.

In June, 2021, the Liberal government announced that “in-Canada immigration applicants may not need to do an additional medical exam for their permanent residency application.”

In a recent statement marking the 75th anniversary of Canadian citizenship, Mr. Trudeau said the following:

“Government is committed to increasing immigration levels and reducing wait times for applicants, while delivering a world‑leading refugee resettlement program and supporting family reunification.”

“Thanks to this work, Canada has welcomed more than 400,000 newcomers in 2021 – the most in a single year of our country’s history.”

Fascinating it is to witness the contrast between the treatment of current Canadians and new immigrants. A thorough analysis would conclude that our government has established a post-modern “class system.” Immigrants first, Canadian-born last.

What better example can be found than this gem as delivered by Trudeau in 2017:

“This is your[immigrants] country more than it is for others because we take it for granted.”

How much more of a divisive statement can a national leader make? Meanwhile, a 4-year old leukemia patient is evicted from– get this– Ronald McDonald House in Vancouver because his family is not properly vaccinated.

“My wife Lindsey was crying on the bed,” Austin Furgason told True North News on Tuesday night. “I told her, I’m going to go ask the manager about this because this isn’t even real.”

But it is real– and so is everything else related to Canada’s pandemic-inspired political reformation.

Back in February 2018, hundreds of people gathered in downtown Vancouver with signs asking Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to apologize for how he dealt with what was  called the “hijab hoax” incident.

Protesters held signs such as “Trudeau do not split Canadians”, “Trudeau apologize”, “all Canadians are equal”  in front of Vancouver Art Gallery.

The incident occurred when an 11-year-old girl accused a man of trying to cut her Hijab. At the time, reports said Toronto police were seeking an Asian suspect in his 20s.

Trudeau immediately spoke out, saying “incidents like this cannot be tolerated.” Toronto Police later reported “the incident did not happen.”

Again we witness two standards. Regarding our PM’s priority communities, it took micro-seconds for Mr. Trudeau to chastise Canadian society regarding so-called  “Islamophobia.” When protesters demands that Trudeau apologize, he refused.

Will Canada’s king of compassion step in to provide a four-year old leukemia victim and his family with a roof over their head? Doubtful it is.

In the meantime, refugees to Canada are provided with free housing medical and dental coverage, and monthly cheques to cover living expenses. The more children they have, the larger the cheques.

Meanwhile, the Ronald McDonald Covid Cancer eviction case slips by without a word from mainstream media.

Within this microcosm we uncover a profound truth regarding Canadian society. Justin Trudeau is with full knowledge and intent inverting Canada’s social order.

He and his Liberals are far from done with the matter. Due to mass immigration intake, they are now in a position to rule Canada indefinitely. Despite media obfuscation, the chances of losing a future election are virtually nil.

The Liberals are now a government for life. So too is their ideological position. Immigrants and refugees top priority, while Old Stock communities–Anglophones and Christians in particular, are being railroaded into second-class status.

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