3rd World IMMIGRATION PUSHER MP Ahmed Hussen Joins Trudeau In Africa

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Trudeau is spending three days in Ethiopia, and will travel to Senegal and Munich, Germany before returning to Canada next week.

Media are positioning the African trip as one solely for the purpose of PM Justin Trudeau pursuit of an United Nations Security Council Seat. In CAP’s opinion, this is a pre-meditated ploy to fool Canadians into believing ulterior motives are non-existent.

The first clue we have  is that former Immigration Minister MP Ahmed Hussen is with Trudeau on the trip. As informed Canadians understand, where there is MP Hussen, there is a pursuit of his greatest passion: to dilute Canada’s traditional population with his brethren peoples– Africans, Somalians, Third World Refugees and Islamic migrants.

Seems to be working out perfectly for him, as Justin Trudeau’s goals are identical. Enter Canadian media, stage right. Within the African Sales Job dynamic, CBC is tasked with burying all traces of a potential mass African immigration and refugee agenda for Canada.

In truth, this situation began decades ago. It was Justin’s father Pierre Trudeau who was the original catalyst for the undermining of Canadian identity. It was PET who forced mass 3rd world immigration upon Canadian society. It was he who forced anti-Anglophone “multiculturalism” upon society.

And it was Trudeau Sr. who forced China upon Canadian society. What trans-pired subsequently? Why, Canada began to be flooded with migrants from Asia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and of course Mainland China.

Pierre Trudeau was the first western dignitary to visit China and develop relations with Chairman Mao Tse Tung. Just look what happened subsequently. Now, spawn Justin is the first western leader to attend a meeting with the African Union.

What do you think will transpire? CAP will go first: Under the ostensible goal of a U.N. Security Council Seat, Trudeau and MP Ahmed Hussen will quietly set-up migration and refugee ties between African nations and Canada.

Falling into line, CBC will bury this element of the excursion. There’s your post-modern Canada for you, fellow patriots. Fact is, by way of the communist Trudeau family, a migrant flow is already in place throughout Asia and the Middle East. China, India, Pakistan, Iran, Syria--all “locked and loaded” in terms of Old Stock Canadian decimation.

So what remains? Simple as heck– the continent of Africa. CAP expect a giant boost in immigration from Ethiopia, Nigeria, Senegal, and dozens of other African nations.

What will this bring to Canada that Trudeau and Hussen so desperately desire? Try millions of Islamic migrants. This is the real, bottom-line goal of the African odyssey.

To help things along, Trudeau brought the President of the Toronto Raptors with him. This fellow is one naive character.  Masai Ujiri, whose foundation Giants of Africa uses basketball as a means to educate and enrich the lives of African youth, was planning to travel to the continent to promote his own work, but he joined the Canadian trip after Trudeau asked him to come.

“I have relationships with leaders here and anyway we can help, anyway I can help, it’s a big part of making the world better,” Ujiri said.

Okay, so Ujiri has not a clue of what is really going down here. Who can really blame him–he is in the sports industry, and is not a politician.

CAP find it absolutely amazing the degree of Canadian “concern” for Africa. Trudeau speaks like the role of a Canadian prime minister is to improve the lives of everyone on the planet except Canadians.  These people go off on how wonderful and important it is to help Africa, while failing to realize that “helping” Africa will  hurt traditional Canadian society.

Hidden By Media: “Trudeauvirus” Transitioning Canada Into A DICTATORSHIP

Who are the losers in all of this globalist malarky? Simple as pie– white Canadians. CAP will express this in no uncertain terms–the political agenda of the ruling Canadian government is entirely detrimental to Anglophone-Canadians.

Speaking of Anglophones, it is our opinion that there is no identifiable community in Canada that MP Ahmed Hussen hates more. This Hussen character is, in CAP’s opinion, a reverse-racist Anglophone hating supremacist.

Every move this fellow makes is detrimental to our people–the exact reason why Trudeau chose him as immigration minister in the first place. Upon Trudeau manipulating a victory for a second term in office, Hussen switched over to  Minister of Families, Children and Social Development.

Do you know what this really means? Try the concept that MP Hussen is now Minister of 3rd World Families, 3rd World Children, and 3rd World Social Development.

Yes, this is how myopic this guy is. Politicians like him only care about one thing– advancing 3rd world populations within the Canadian demographic. Add to this a hopelessly ethnocentric attitude toward their religious brethren.

This is the world of MP Ahmed Hussen–Trudeau’s hired-hand of Anglophone citizen decimation in Canada.

Hussen, who moved to Canada as a refugee from Somalia, said he visited the continent nine times in his previous role as immigration minister. He pointed to a number of programs to aid African immigration, particularly students from Senegal and Morocco, who want to study in Canada.”

Nine visits to Africa? What did he do there, attend Zulu Warrior Dance Performances in Southern Sudan? Of course not–he set up pre-mass immigration programs to bring his people to our country.

Notice the reference to migration based upon “foreign student” entry. Was this not the exact manner in which mass immigration from China began? Of course it is.

See the way Canadian media roll? They are playing the globalist game to perfection. After the students come the regular migration folk, and this is exactly what is coming to Canada as a result of these two characters:

PM Justin Trudeau and MP Ahmed Hussen–a two man “wrecking crew” of traditional Canadian demographic and cultural decimation.




3 thoughts on “3rd World IMMIGRATION PUSHER MP Ahmed Hussen Joins Trudeau In Africa”

  1. I have to say that all you have written is true, but the motive is still the coveted UN seat. Unlike Sr. Trudeau, Justin has a complex. He knows the world looks upon him as an ineffective girlyboy who likes selfies. He has no world respect. That has hit his narcisisstic core deeply. He has to get that UN seat. He needs accolades from people and requires World respect or he can’t function. Notice the holidays he has to take and how he has handed the PM job to Freeland. He’s not caring about Canada or it’s peoples. All he cares about is the UN Agenda and it’s mandate. Spreading African and Islamic peoples in the west. He is following their handbook to the letter. Even letting China in our back door. Pure UN strategy.
    In return, if Justin accomplishes what the UN and China wants, he will be rewarded with the coveted UN Security Seat. Then, the world will finally see his worth, his accomplishment…and will respect him. So, he thinks.
    He is a self important, rather stupid, vapid, and delusional boy who has daddy issues. He wants to make daddy proud, even if dad is gone.
    That is who we have as PM.


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