3rd Wave of Pandemic In Canada “Likely to Arrive At Easter Time”

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For so-called “experts” in Canada, the Covid pandemic which first emerged from Wuhan, China is a grim reality which must be fought off tooth-and-nail.

For Cultural Action Party of Canada, this pandemic situation is descending into the greatest depths of absurdity known to “people-kind.”

“An interdisciplinary group of experts say the current COVID-19 approach is failing and will likely lead to a third wave of the virus around Easter.”

“The group believes it’s found the best strategy to avoid a third wave of the virus that’s also the best plan for the economy.” 

Talk about killing two albatrosses with one stone. If this fills any citizens of Canada with hope, CAP advise against it. On this basis, is it not possible that a so-called “4th wave” might descend upon society?

How about an endless run of waves, say up to a threshold of wave #88? In other words, what is to stop the China pandemic dissemination from sticking around for an “eternity?” Not much, it appears.

CAP has thus far written on Covid from a variety of perspectives: the health aspect of course, but also issues of a sociological variety. For example, is Covid conditioning Canadians for a transition into a nation rooted in hyper-stringent rules and regulations? As in, where a Canadian can stand, where a citizen can sit, who we can “break bread” with.

Naturally, Canadian media never point out a synergy between this lifestyle, and that which exists within communist and totalitarian nations.

Is the pandemic functioning in a capacity to condition Canadians for what is euphemistically referred to as “The Great Reset?” Is this reset in reality the death of freedom and democracy, to be replaced with a form of socialist dictatorship?

Here is where CAP differ from 98% of media outlets in Canada— we believe this is the stone-cold truth.

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Let us now deviate into a more granular aspect of discussion. We move to an issue of timing–within the context of a transfer of society into a pseudo-dictatorship.

In terms of religion within communist countries, it is fair to state that Christianity is highly unpopular. This is certainly the case in the hero-nation of the “Trudeau boys”— Justin, brother Alexandre, and Pierre Trudeau before them.

At what time of the year was wave #1 of the pandemic at its most extreme? This would be in and around Christmas, 2020. The result was a major impediment of a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

CAP recognize an absurdity inherent in this statement– within 2020 society, Christ is all-but meaningless relative to the celebration of Christmas. This we state to illustrate a point, which is:

The pandemic that busted out of Wuhan, China put a complete damper on this Christian-oriented holiday. Now, the “experts” are informing us that the 3rd wave will arrive around the time of the Easter holiday.

So the timing of both are one giant coincidence? Perhaps, and perhaps not. When transitioning a nation from democracy to dictatorship, the most effective method is to do so incrementally. To dump the whole affair on the public all at once may well backfire, resulting in major public protest.

The one thing the government of Justin Trudeau and his Liberals want is a sedate citizenship. A placid, non-reactionary, non-volatile block of citizens–which is, of course, exactly what our ruling government have in their back-pocket.

No surprise, really. Justin Trudeau in particular has spent the past five years running down Canadian identity, history and heritage. Our nation is racist, bigoted, and xenophobic–right?

Are 38 million citizens being “played like as fiddle” as government, media and  academic “experts” work together to massage society into a placid acceptance to the coming New Canadian Order?

CAP will go to its grave believing this is the reality within 2020 Canada under the rule of pseudo-dictator Justin Trudeau.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est.2016).





4 thoughts on “3rd Wave of Pandemic In Canada “Likely to Arrive At Easter Time””

  1. Interesting that anyone who dares to question is called a conspiracy theorist. I would suggest it’s not a theory if one knows where to find the facts and truths from eminent experts who have been gagged or censored for speaking out. The Great Reset is another classic example of controlling the masses by the usual suspects, WHO, the UN, World Economic Forum etc to name a few. Follow the money people.

    • Thanks for you comment– no doubt in CAP’s mind that Covid is a weapon of the Great Reset Agenda. Justin Trudeau is Canada’s King of the takeover. — Brad

  2. Why are we really in a lockdown? Who caused this? PIGS = people in governments. All lies, all propaganda…This is a complete government takeover, plain and simple – getting rid of cash, surveillance state, digital currency, tracking everything we do, no privacy, no property rights…. All lies from governments – police – msm, daily…hyper bubble in housing, stocks, debt…2021 and the next 10, 15 years is going to be dreadful for most…major crashes coming all over the place as governments go further and further into debt… just sickening what greedy governments have done to this world…all started on the 1970s…go look at a debt chart…greedy public sector parasites’ … and more debt… this planned lockdown, scam, plandemic is ALL about government – police – military control….$$$…just follow the money…a real shit show here in Canada as they fine us for playing outdoor hockey, going to church, feeding the homeless … This shut down was all planned…they have gutted the private sector, shut down our business, our source of income… and governments will now control everything moving forward….Just take a look at who is still getting full pay, while they bankrupt us, gut the private sector, destroy our lives, our source of income, close out business…FULL pay folks = all governments – public service – mainstream doctors, police…military, teachers…nice eh? While ratting, and snitching on neighbors, yes this is what government does best… Greedy public sector parasites who created this shut down to begin with. SICK. . Wake up people!!! Solution’s ? Well, reduce, eliminate most government which they will NOT do themselves , so Rise up, open your business, wake up, unite, organize, large, very large groups, MMA training, weapons, bats, buy guns, ammo, and lots…be real MEN, fight back, do not comply, do not them near you, and get rid of them by force…its the only way now…Do you want real freedom, real free speech… wake up now. I have been saying this for over 8 months…NOW, are you going to wake up, try to wake up others…or are you sheep like most? Do not go near these vaccines . Do your own research please. It’s simply not necessary and potentially very harmful.


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