37% Of Citizens Believe Great Replacement Theory Applies To Canada

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Recent polling by Abacus Data finds “millions of Canadians believe in conspiracy theories, and think there is a plot to replace native-born Canadians with immigrants.”

How do we define conspiracy theories in Canada? A rather arbitrary application is utilized.  If the Trudeau government do not like a widely-held belief, media proclaim it conspiratorial. If one-third of Canadians believe a certain concept, in no manner does it validate one of these theories.

Such is the case for Canadians who believe in what is labelled “Great Replacement Theory.” What if the number was two-thirds of our citizenship? Would it still fit the leftist media conspiracy theory model? The answer, more than likely, is yes.

Abacus data finds that 44 per cent of Canadians believe “big events like wars, recessions and the outcomes of elections, are controlled by small groups of people working in secret against us.” The survey sample represents the equivalent of 13 million Canadians, Abacus said.

To be interpreted as 13 million out of 38 million Canadians have little or no trust in government and media. Whose responsibility is it? That of government and media, of course.

According to Abacus, more than a third of Canadians believe in the so-called “white replacement theory.”

“Thirty-seven per cent of respondents, representing 11 million Canadians, agreed with the following statement: “there is a group of people in this country who are trying to replace native-born Canadians with immigrants who agree with their political views.”

These statistics inform us that these issues should be front-and-centre within political narratives. In order to alleviate fear, as well as maintain healthy debate, society must progress toward a two-way narrative regarding immigration, multiculturalism and diversity.

To refuse to do so should be seen for what it is: maintenance of the Liberal government status quo, and refusal to adapt to changing social structures. In other words, the antithesis of the progressive ethos ostensibly held by our Liberal government.

“One in five Canadians, or 20 per cent of those surveyed, believe it is definitely or probably true that the World Economic Forum (WEF) is a group of global elites with a secretive strategy to impose their ideas on the world.”

Turns out that significant numbers of Canadians disagree with government policy, as well as media’s defence of it.

“Of those who believe in the white replacement theory, 49% identified as having views on the ‘right’; 41% per cent said their views were ‘centre’; and 21% per cent had ‘left’ views.”

These findings are not chicken feed. For one in five left-oriented citizens to hold such views is significant. As expected, Abacus report on the data, but do not reflect on the findings. It’s not their job. It is, however, the role of media, who in this instance, do no such thing.

Leaving the door open for Cultural Action Party to opine on poll results. In some ways, replacement theory is a pure numbers game. Either white Canadian populations are diminishing, or they are not. A future point at which whites slip into minority status is either reality or fiction. It can occur with, our without, a valid theory of white replacement.

A critical question comes down to motive. Is it Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party’s intention to transition Anglophones to a minority community? Can such a thing be described as punitive action– as opposed to justification based on an aging population?

It is, to be certain, a giant question– one eschewed by Canadian media. They may dabble in it one day– but not today. Not while the transition is in play. It will be at a point when the transformation cannot be prevented– and only then– that media speculate on the phenomenon.

There are certainly signs of pending demographic inversion. In October, 2021, Toronto Star article informs readers that of Canada’s 338 federal ridings, 41 of them today have populations in which visible minorities form the majority.  Nearly all are found within the Greater Toronto Area(GTA).

Within the Peel School District in greater Toronto– Canada’s largest– the top five racial backgrounds reported by students are:

1. South Asian (48.8%) 2. White (13.3%) 3. Black (9.5%) 4. Middle Eastern (5.8%) 5. East Asian (4.7%). On this basis, Anglophone-Canadian youth have transitioned to a significant minority community.

Within the Peel District, the top five reported ethnic or cultural backgrounds are: 1. Indian (30.2%) 2. Canadian (23.1%) 3. Pakistani (11.6%) 4. Jamaican (6.4%) 5. Chinese (5.3%).

The top five most common religions reported by the Peel Board students include: 1. Islam (23.5%) 2. Christianity (19.2%) 3. Sikhism (17.6%) 4. Hinduism (15.7%) 5. No religion (7.9%).

Degree to which mainstream media make an effort for Canadians to comprehend these realities hovers between zero and nothing. These statistics remain in the hidden under-belly of a government-media partnership. Never brought out into the Clearly Canadian air, fear manifests in the form of so-called conspiracy theories. Meanwhile, Team Trudeau have a remedy for such developments. These people are racists, bigots and xenophobes.

“Both permanent and temporary international migrants accounted for 83.4 per cent of the total Canadian population growth in the third quarter of 2019.”

Chalk one up for eventual minority status for white Canadians. One day in the future, whites will become a minority community in Canada. Seeing as media do not address the inevitability, they are released from focus on a critical question:

Upon transition, will Anglo-Christian communities begin to benefit from minority rights– a standard for Sikh, Muslim and other racialized peoples. Or rather, will the communities remain captive to the status quo standard– we are bigots undeserving of the good things Canada offers. For Cultural Action Party, it is one of the most significant questions in the immigration ouvre. For CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and Toronto Star, it means less than a final score in a Maple Leaf-Senators hockey game.

Intentional demographic manipulation for punitive purposes? Essential from a pragmatic point-of-view? Does it matter which reflects the true motive?

Canada is experiencing the fastest rate of ethnic change of any country in the Western world, say international demographers. Eric Kaufmann, professor at University of London, says Statistics Canada reports suggest Canada as a whole, based on current immigration patterns, will be almost 80 per cent non-white in less than a century.

If math is still being offered in elementary school, it tells us that our population will be 20% white in less than a century. Racism at its most vile? Not quite. It’s simply a presentation of what government hope as few citizens as possible come to understand.

Sounds like a future reality to CAP. The motive being critical, but not essential. The statistics tell the story. On this basis, 37% of Canadians believe in replacement theory– for good reason.

8 thoughts on “37% Of Citizens Believe Great Replacement Theory Applies To Canada”

  1. Liberal idiots are wearing garnishment costumes for cultural enrichment with Trudope.

    While 2 of them looks like real sikths from India.

    Any questions?

  2. Brad, I can honestly say going out to Ottawa from eastern Saskatchewan by vehicle to the Freedom Convoy 2022 site proved out your basis for the argument of demographic change. More people of African, Asian and Middle Eastern backgrounds comprise the local population resident in the high-rise apartment buildings in the immediate vicinity east of Parliament Hill.
    We parked east of there and found ourselves in a literal United Nations of all peoples but those that were of the white race..
    It does not matter if 37% of Canadians believe in the Great Replacement Theory — it’s fact!
    What I relate is just one instance of the alienability of whites in their own land. At the Arnprior, Ontario motel we stayed in, the East Indian proprietors every morning had 4 persons of the same heritage come out of the last unit to do the rooms! The morning we left, these individuals moved a mattress into the manager’s office and when we checked out, the mattress was laid out on the floor out of the way! I guess maybe for new arrivals of the undocumented type!
    Wake up Canada, it is happening in places diverse and small…

    • In Edmonton, Alberta, everywhere I go, whites/Caucasians are a visible minority, in jobs, in all businesses, in big homes, in townhomes, in apartments, etc.

      I’ve been unemployed a long time after applying and applying for jobs that I had over 10 years experience in, and over 6 years college and university education. I went to more than 200 interviews the last time I searched for employment, but no employer hired me even though I had many skills to offer and had excellent recommendations. After over 10 years of having gone back to college to update computer and office skills and applying for employment without being hired I gave up. I couldn’t force myself to search any more.

      Presently I’m losing everything because I couldn’t get back into the work force after cancer remission. I am Caucasian. Various Caucasians that I’ve talked to are in the same situation. I want work not only to pay bills, but to contribute to the Canadian society, be able to socialize with friends and family (I’ve been mostly isolated for more than 10 years, because I didn’t have enough money after paying bills to go anywhere or do anything other than walk.), and get to know new people.

      Humans are social beings. Isolation from long term unemployment, brought me into depression for over 10 years. I do not want to end up homeless. I’m over 60 years old now.

    • What about the alienability of Indigenous People. Whilst took over they’re land. What goes round comes round.
      I’m white by the way.

  3. You don’t have to go very far. Just switch on the TV and you’ll see the white Caucasians have totally disappeared from the audio-visual landscape. Either on the French speaking channels or the English speaking channels all advertisements feature mostly black people and sometimes Afro-Asian couples (as we know Asian women rarely date Afro men).

    I received catalogs for travel programs from CAA and all the pictures feature black people even for Nordic or alpine skiing??? Whites are only used for medical prescriptions for old people, funeral insurances, reverse mortgages, stair lifts, and long-term care home. The last catalog for MacMaster Continuing education features only black or dark skin people to illustrate their programs.

    Considering black people represent less than 4% of the Canadian population, there is definitely a Great Replacement in action.


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