2nd Attack On Canadian Priest, Grannies PROTECT HIM, Trudeau Ignores

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Edmonton police are investigating after a group of elderly women, ARMED WITH CANES, protected their parish priest from an unprovoked assault. As Mironiuk struggled to breathe, parishioners responded with the only weapons they had at their disposal — their WALKING CANES.


2 thoughts on “2nd Attack On Canadian Priest, Grannies PROTECT HIM, Trudeau Ignores”

  1. This is bad enough but in the last month over three hundred Christians have been brutally murdered …where’s the liberal outrage.I think it’s time for Christians to fight in mass with their vote.The most persecuted people in Syria etc are Christians..if we are to take in immigrants from these areas it is only logical these should be our first choice…most persecuted…shared values.Why is this not happening?

    • What is also not happening is the Canadian media EXPOSING the mass murder of Christians in Africa/Middle East. Now why would a gang of Canadian news publishers, editors and journalists OMIT such a thing yet consistently report on so-called “Islamophobia?” After all, these people from a Christian background. Therefore, there must be another reason we the people do not understand. What is it in your opinion?


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