Covid Canada: Trudeau Approves 25% Increase In Economic Class Migration Intake

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There were more Express Entry candidates invited to apply for permanent residence in the first quarter of 2020 than there were in the first quarters of the two previous years.

After Canada implemented special measures to slow the spread of coronavirus Canada held an Express Entry draw on March 18,2020  that only invited provincial nominees. Canada held another exceptional draw five days later on March 23,2020 only inviting candidates from the Canadian Experience Class immigration program.

CAP Commentary: “wherever there is a will, there is a way.” And according to Justin Trudeau and his scheming Liberal-Globalists, their will is never stop importing the 3rd World to Canada–no matter what.

Despite the greatest health pandemic in modern history, Trudeau & Co. have a job to do: to perpetuate the transition of Canada into a globalist nation-state at all costs.

Indeed, there was a time when PM Trudeau’s dying Great White North did not exist for the benefit of United Nations, Iran(pouring into Canada as we speak), China(also pouring in like mad–right now), as well as for the benefit of Sikhs from India, et al.

Then, by his own volition–and without any democratic-oriented buy-in from general society, a fellow named Pierre Trudeau cancelled the national identity of Canada.

Naturally, over time this was to be replaced with what spawn Justin Trudeau coined a “post-nation”state. Again, this was a unilateral decision by a member of the Trudeau family.

Therefore, one can suggest that these two men from the same family altered the destiny of our nation for all-time.

Degree of media presentation? Nothing-not a single word. Now, in the year 2020, our nation is what CAP will refer to as a “dying democracy.” This is what happens when control of Canada trans-itions to non-Canadian political forces.

For CAP, this is the “gift” that Pierre & Justin Trudeau gave to our nation. CBC say nothing of the sort.

“Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) tweeted that Express Entry rounds are still happening and they will be accepting and processing applications.”

Now, let us contrast this reality with the following mainstream Canadian media pronouncement:

“Immigration is on hold in Canada, for the time being, due to the COVID-19 outbreak.”

“A federal government official confirms the immigration program is suspended while travel restrictions remain in place, but some wonder whether we might need to keep the program on pause a little longer.”

So who is lying? Government, media–or both? It simply cannot be “both ways”-– either there  is truth to the suspension of immigration based upon China’s latest bio-disease output, or there is not.

CAP will reiterate our feelings on the matter: Justin Trudeau does not work for the Canadian people. Rather, Mr. Trudeau works for the following people:

China’s citizenship, Iran’s citizenship, as well as Punjab’s citizenship. Add to this Nigeria(#4 migrant intake nation), Somalia, Syria(refugee intake), as well as a host of other African and Middle Eastern nations.

The governments of these nations have some interesting “qualities” in common with each other. For starters, they pretty much all persecute those of the Christian faith. PM Trudeau claims to be a member of this faith, yet has not even on a single occasion called out the persecution and mass murder of his co-religionists by way of these despotic governments.

How odd-or is it? Did you know? When speaking of these nations, our illustrious PM has handed $10 Billion Dollars to these countires  since he gained the crown of Canada in 2015.

Media response? Nothing at all. Now, just think of how far these billions would have gone to assist the people of Canada during the so-called “Covid Crisis.”

Degree of media focus on this situation? Again, not a darn word. So who are CBC, Globe & Mail and Toronto Star working for? Would this be the 37.7 Million citizens of our nation?

Seems to CAP their “political orientation” is identical to that of the Trudeau government. CAP conclusion? This is the exact media structure in China. Degree to which any media outlet in Canada has focused on this axiomatic development?

You got it, fellow patriots–nothing at all. Still, Justin Trudeau, Liberal Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino and 3rd World Refugee fanatic MP Ahmed Hussen continue to roll.

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Work-arounds, rationalizations, covert government agendas, eschewing the safety and health of Canadians. Why so vehement? A darn good question, which CAP will now respond to:

The Canada of 2015 is dead-as-a-doornail. The advent of Justin Trudeau, the least qualified national leader who ever lived, ushered in the true “post-modern” nation.

At present, Canadian society is one GIANT inversion. Those who arrive from Iran, and have been standing upon Canuck soil for all of twenty minutes, are the Liberal government’s priority.

Those who have worked and paid taxes for four decades straight are a non-priority. Except, of course, for paying the taxes necessary to import and fund the daily lives of those from India, Pakistan and various African nations.

Sound like a traditional “liberal democracy” to you? Of course not! Yet, here the people of Canada sit. Alone in their homes, living in fear of disease, lining up in pseudo-bread lines to obtain their “daily bread.”

Meanwhile, CBC and the other media-puppets issue not a single sentence to awaken Canadians to the reality of our existence.  Who was it again that spoke of “sedating the masses” in order to control and manipulate the people of a nation?

Try Karl Marx, founder of communism–along with disciples like Joseph Stalin and Vladimir Lenin. What would you call the tag-team government and media propaganda team of Justin Trudeau?

CAP will go first: A sedative of the masses. How would a common sense Canadian describe China’s approach to manipulation of their society? Is the fine art of “social engineering” not fundamental to their history as a nation?

How then does one describe Trudeau and Hussen’s immigration policies? CAP describe them as an exercise in social engineering. As in, whitey get lost. Mr. Christian, bugger off.

Trudeau’s chosen are the future of Canada. Neither snow, nor wind, nor hail, nor globalist pandemics, true democracy, freedom of speech or any other fundamental of western democracy will stand in the way of our nation’s trans-ition to a 3rd World, socialist-controlled, “post-modern” nation state.

Founder, Pierre Trudeau. Facilitator, Justin Trudeau.




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