24-Year Old Mother Murdered For Saying “All Lives Matter” In Public

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A young[white] American mother was shot dead in front of her fiancé after she reportedly told a group of Black Lives Matter supporters All Lives Matter.

“Jessica Doty Whitaker, 24,  was taking a stroll with her fiancé and two others near the Indianapolis Canal Walk around 3am on July 5, 2020. Robert Doty, the victim’s father, confirmed with theDaily Wire that his daughter said ‘all lives matter’ during the exchange.

CAP’s guess at the variation of the N-word utilized: “N*gga”— in the way deceased rapper Tupac Shakur used the term before he was murdered by black thugs.

A justification for the murder of a 24-year old mother?  Wouldn’t put it past Canadian media–that’s for sure.

In order comprehend this form of absurdity, Canadian patriots must have ab ability to interpret how liberal-globalist non-logic works within PM Justin Trudeau’s post-Canadian Canada:

The phrase “Black Lives Matter” is anti-racist. Within 2020 Canada, BLM is projected by CBC, CTV and Globe & Mail as a “model” of righteousness derived directly from institutionalized “multiculturalism” in Canada.

Then, we have the term “All Lives Matter.”– which according to BLM– is racist, bigoted and xenophobic. Degree to which this paradoxical situation falls into a category of truth, logic, objective thinking or rational thought:

Zero– nothing at all. Therefore, a common-sense Canadian should well be able to deduce the following– Media presentation of these matters are pure globalist propaganda. Degree to which Canadians comprehend the hypocrisy?

25% of news consumers in Canada is a generous estimation. Remember, there happen to be millions of Canadian news consumer whoactually BELIEVE what the CBC are publishing. To add additional irony, it is arguable what these media puppets do not publish is more damaging to Anglo-Canadians that what actually “makes the cut.”

“Today we said our final goodbyes to a beautiful soul,” she wrote. “RIP Jessica Doty-Whitaker. You will be loved and missed greatly till we see you again someday.”

Now, for the kicker– CAP cannot locate a SINGLE Canadian media article which has exposed this sad story. Meaning? Canadian media work on behalf of Black Lives Matter.

What else can a sensible Canadian conclude? Plenty– if they believe Justin Trudeau’s hired-hands of socialist media propaganda.

This story can be found within news outlets in: USA, U.K. Media, France, Armenia, Poland, and yes– even CHINA’s media outlets.

As for Canada? Not a single trace that CAP can see. Multicult Canada–put this in your legal marijuana pipe and smoke it.

— BRAD SALZBERG, Founder of CAP(est. 2016)



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