Trudeau Government Suspend Parliament, Abandon Democracy, Go KAYAKING INSTEAD

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On May 30,2020–in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, five of Trudeau’s cabinet ministers made the time to go kayaking.”
“There has been no credible explanation provided by the government as to why it can not resume normal proceedings,”  stated a National Post article dated June 1st, 2020.
 The House of Commons has not maintained “normal operations” since the month of March, 2020.  It has mostly been adjourned, with the exception of scattered meetings with a vastly reduced number of Members of Parliament. It’s certainly a poor substitute for the real thing.

On June 17, 2020, MPs will meet for what may be the “most expensive half-day shift in the Canada’s history.” They will have four hours to debate and approve $150 billion in emergency spending.

Justin Trudeau haseffectively cancelledParliament. The Liberals, with the backing of 3rd World Globalist NDP leader Jagmeet Singh, today have “free rein” over 37.8 Million Canadian citizens.

While media allude to an erosion of democracy by way of the ruling Liberal government, they never come right out and state where these developments are leading our nascent socialist nation.

CAP Opinion: the entire scenario is driving a pre-mediated “globalist” agenda— the demise of Canadian democracy, and a corresponding establishment of a pseudo-dictatorship within our nation.

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Hypothetical CBC Headline:

“Justin Trudeau Destroys Democracy, Drowns Canada In Debt and Deficit, Goes Kayaking”

A falsehood? Not by way of Cultural Action Party of Canada it isn’t. Our take on this aberration of a prime minister? Trudeau so desperately wants to become dictator of Canada.

Why wouldn’t he? After all, just like his brother Alexandre Trudeau, our reigning PM prefers communist dictatorships to democratic governance. This is came by “honestly”— his father, ex- Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau— felt exactly the same way.

Media say nothing about any of this. They never have, and more than likely never will. Therefore, CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and all the rest obviously agree with this societal trans-formation.

Here’s a good question posited in the original source article:

“If the thrift shop and Mexican restaurant down the street from my house can re-open, why can’t Parliament?”

CAP will answer first: because the incremental decimation of democracy in Canada leverages ANY AND ALL potential “weapons” which incrementally erode democracy in Canada.

In this capacity, Covid-19 serves as a wonderful globalist weapon. “Damn, this is a lucky break,”bellow Liberal Government strategists behind-the-curtain of this national assault.

“This is awesome. We can use Covid-19 as an excuse to further erode freedom and democracy in Canada, while the public will be fooled into believing our motivation is to cultivate ‘good health’ within society.”

In other words, political subterfuge to convince the public these measures are an act of altruism, when in truth they are a deceptive act of a self-serving Liberal government.

“For the first time in a very long time, Trudeau’s popularity numbers are soaring high at pre-Lavscam levels.”

CAP Trans-lation: The Trudeau government have successfully utilized the misery and death resulting from China’s Covid-19 virus to elevate PM Trudeau to a position where he can easily win the 2023 Federal Election.

Our prediction on the Conservative Party Of Canada usurping Comrade Justin, and forming the next federal government:

It will NEVER happen. Doesn’t matter if the leader is Nova Scotia’s Peter MacKay, or stoic Erin O’Toole, or any other candidate.

Pourquoi? Because democracy is dead in Canada—the public just doesn’t know it yet.

Question: How how long can a Canadian PMremain in office?

Answer:Forever—and this is how the Liberals and their globalist backers will transfer Canada from 153 years of democratic governance into a “post-modern” socialist dictatorship. Add the necessary Liberal-loving 3rd World immigrant vote to the mix, and this is a done deal.

What This Mean For Justin Trudeau:

This man now has the privilege of running our nation just as a dictator does. No questioning his plans. No push-back from the Conservatives, Greens, or NDP. No democracy?

Right– no authentic democracy. In the meantime, Liberal MP’s relax and exercise kayaking in river rapids, as King Justin lines up another surfing vacation in Tofino, B.C. while taking more vacation days than a combination of the past fourprime ministers of Canada together.

In other words—a nascent Liberal dictatorship as arrived in Canada —just as CAP predicted from the day this miscreant “leader” seized control of the consciousness of Canadian society.

Media fully assist the desires of the Liberals, United Nations, geo-political Islam, communist China and Sikh Nationalism.

This is how Cultural Action Party of Canada envision the coming decades within our society. Now, for CBC’s vision: they have none.

Witness the ominous nature of Justin Trudeau’s “post-modern” Canada– which in reality means a post-democratic Canada.

Just as Justin Trudeau, brother Alexandre Trudeau and Pierre Trudeau before them have so vehemently desired since “multiculturalism” was forced upon Canadian society some four decades ago.


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