Giant Revenue Increases For “BIG PHARMA” From Covid-19 Related Depression Medications

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Suffice to say that “hatred” is endemic to the human condition. Cultural Action Party of Canada are often accused of promoting “hatred,” as well as having visceral hatred for much that goes on within contemporary society.

United, Nations, Hollywood, and so many others. So be it— here is yet another societal institution we despise- the Pharmaecutal Industry, or as it is commonly known, “Big Pharma.”

In our opinion, the major pharma players profit from the “misery of mankind.” Again— in our opinion—many of the products produced are addictive as hell— certainly on an equal playing field with some illicit and illegal drugs.

One of these is “anti-depressant” medications. Effexor, and the whole branch of related products.

As it turns out, to cope with mental health conditions during the coronavirus pandemic, people are “increasingly turning to prescription drugs like antidepressants and benzodiazepines, which are commonly used as anti-anxiety medications.”

A report released this month by Express Scripts, a US-based pharmacy benefit management programme, found that the use of prescription drugs to treat mental health conditions increased more than 20 per cent in America between mid-February and mid-March, peaking the week of March 15, when the World Health Organisation declared Covid-19 a pandemic. CBD is a non-psychoactive constituent of the cannabis plant that is used to help treat anxiety and depression, as well as symptoms of stress. Data for CBD products being used for anxiety in that same timeframe showed an increase of more than two fold, reaching 215% in just three months.

“During that same time frame, prescriptions for anti-anxiety medications rose 34 per cent, while prescriptions for antidepressants increased by 18 per cent.  Of the prescriptions filled during that time, more than three-quarters were new prescriptions.”

How fascinating this is. As a precursor, it seems reasonable to state that some people’s thoughts gravitate toward “conspiracy thinking” more than others. CAP fall into this category—it would be a lie to deny this.

So what do we see? Dollar signs—billions upon billions of them. 

Consider this thought: when it comes to the all-pervasive Covid-19 pandemic, pharma companies which gain  FDA approval for a so-called “antidote” is bound to make a GIANT pile of fresh dollar bills.

Indeed, there are many Canadians and Americans who will receive the remedy without “batting an eyelash” about it. CAP is not one of them.

Pourquoi? Because we do not trust the ruling Liberal government, the ruling Liberal prime minister, “Queen of Corona” Dr. Teresa Tam, or the source nation for the pandemic, the nation of China.

So let’s say the Liberal-Globalist “magic potion” is now on the market. This results in a enormous financial windfall for Big Pharma.

What else? As the source article states, due to Coronavirus mental health-related medication sales are up by 20%.

Another huge chunk of profit for Pharma. They are really “kicking butt” on this basis, no?

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“We’re using antidepressants more and more to treat both anxiety and depression,” said Michael Liebowitz, a professor of clinical psychiatry at Columbia University in New York.

Liebowitz said the recent spike in anti-anxiety medications is likely due to the fact that “traditional anxiety medications have the advantage of being quick acting, unlike antidepressants, which can take six to 10 weeks to begin working.”

Okay, so this Liebowitz character offers a nice “plug” for Big Pharma. Traditional anti-depressants take 6-10 weeks to kick in, so why not ramp up now with these new, fast-working “remedies.”

Degree to which CAP trust Liebowitz’s commentary? Nothing at all.  In our opinion, Pharma is a money game— not necessarily a health game.

“The two things human beings crave are control and certainty,” said Ann Rosen Spector, a psychologist based in Philadelphia. “Whenever you have a loss of control or a great deal of uncertainty, anxiety is likely to increase.”

Okay then, hands up fellow patriots—who believes that uncertainly, anxiety, loss of control have reached their apotheosis in North America, and will remain on a downward trajectory as humanity walks the path into our future?

Logical conclusion? Big Pharma sales will increase exponentially as time passes. More money, more profit, more control for the global pharma industry. Does this Rosen Spector lady have anything to say about this “side effect?” Of course not.

  Not to say that things always work out the best for this industry, and its money-people. Take the deceased Canadian and his wife, Barry & Honey Sherman.

Found strangled to death in their home in Toronto home, this unsolved double-death is still lingering in the minds of the Canadian public. Current status on police and RCMP investigations? Also dead—the case is closed—without any public knowledge as to the true circumstances.

The deaths occurred just days after the Sherman’s held a fund-raising event at their Toronto home for the Liberal Party of Canada.

Did you know? Sherman’s pharmaceutical company, Apotex Inc, is said to be one of the manufacturer’s which has developed a vaccine for Covid-19.

What goes around comes around, eh?  In Canada, as with the USA,  big pharma is a powerful, influential, money-making machine. Like other giant money players, the Liberal government, Health Canada, and our medical industry of Canada question nothing about their agenda.

PM Justin Trudeau wants to hit up as many Canadians as possible with a Covid-19 “remedy.” The person he placed in charge—Dr. Teresa Tam, former resident of Hong Kong, is all “gung-ho” on the idea as well.

Anti-Pharma? Of course not. This would be like asking PM Trudeau to transition to being “anti-China” or anti- George Soros’ “Open Society Foundation.”

It will never happen. Fact: big money is being made from the Coronavirus pandemic. Think about it— if human beings are not allowed physical contact with other humans, would they not reach for the next best thing?

That is—virtual contact. Social Media, Facebook, Amazon, Google—all giant players in “indirect” communication. Fair to assume these folks revenues and share values are increasing along with the Big Pharma contingent?

CAP say go all-in on this one. Media say nothing. Degree to which CBC would allude to this concept? We guess zero—not one speck of it.

In this, astute Canadians can come to realize how Covid-19 results in manipulation of society as well as major increases in anxiety and depression. We also realize how giant money is made within this “New Global Order.”

It is this phenomenon which CAP stand against. As for the Liberal Party of Canada, our guess is that they will simply continue on being Liberals.

Such is the “written-in-stone” ethos of our nation’s ruling Liberal government.


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