Trump SUSPENDS Immigration To USA While Trudeau Sets HIGHEST QUOTAS In History

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“In light of the attack from an invisible enemy, as well as the need to protect the jobs of our great American citizens, I will be signing an Executive Order to temporarily suspend immigration to the United States.”

— Donald Trump.

Kindly contrast this with Canadian immigration policy by way of Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Government:

PM Trudeau has established the largest immigration quotas from 2020-2023 in Canadian history. Canada maintains the highest per-capita migration quotas on earth.

In 2019, Immigration Minister and half-Somalian citizen MP Ahmed Hussen forced the largest refugee quotas in history upon our country.

How were these policies affected after Coronavirus began to permeate Canadian society? Simple as home-made apple pie—not a darn thing changed.

Canadian Media Response: Trump is awful and terrible. Never mind that he was an early adopter in minimizing immigration to the USA from despotic African governments and militant Middle Eastern theocracies.

According to CBC and rest of Canada’s Liberal-Globalist propaganda machine, Trump is evil personified. And what of their boy, Justin Trudeau?

Oh, we is doing all he can to minimize the Covid-19 contagion within our borders. So can you hear it, fellow patriots— CTV inform us that the man most responsible for “Open Borders” Canada—and therefore the dissemination of the pandemic within society—is the leading figure in eliminating Covid in Canada.

CAP have a thought on this: it is complete, unabashed poppycock. The mere fact that Globe & Mail and such advance this pandemic “inversion” informs astute Canadians of the globalist bias inherent within mainstream media.

What should sensible Canucks gleam from such a circumstance? Try the idea that Justin Trudeau is arguably the most dedicated globalist ideologue in the western world.

CAP is not surprised in the least. Since day one of China’s latest virus epidemic, the ruling government of Canada have been settling copious  amounts of Chinese and Iranian nationals in Canada.

So our Liberal government refuse to alter the Liberal-Third World-Globalist assault upon society—one which, btw,  is sure to transition Anglophone Canadians into a minority community.

It turns out CBC and the rest support Mr. Trudeau is no-uncertain terms. How fascinating— as Trudeau maintains the globalist agenda for Canada during the most extreme social pandemic in modern history.

Meanwhile, National Post, Toronto Star and Global News support his nefarious agenda.

Hidden By Media: Can Justin Trudeau Rule Canada Without Communist China RULING JUSTIN TRUDEAU?

CAP Conclusion: Trudeau works for the United Nations, World Health Organization, George Soros’ “Open Society Foundation”(Justin’s illegal refugee tweet), as well as geo-political Islam, Sikh Nationalism, and Communist China. Media work for Justin Trudeau.

Logic Time In Canada: Government and media are wholly united in the political and ideological agenda for the destiny of the dying Great White North.

Is the point of this article that Donald Trump is the greatest thing since sliced bread? Not at all—the point is to illustrate how Canadian government and their media partners are incredibly biased and underhanded.

Therefore, a question CAP has posited to the point of nausea:

Under which form of governance are the rulers of a nation and their media indelibly linked? Answer: within socialist, communist, and totalitarian societies.

Which form of governance does Justin Trudeau—along with his brother Alexandre, as well as father Pierre before him—most admire?

Why, the answer is communism. Degree of exposure from CBC? Nothing—not one damn word.

Now please, brother and sister patriot— what percentage of the Canadian public would you guess comprehend this particular dynamic?

CAP’s guess: 10% of our citizenship. Therefore, it is likely 90% of our population do not comprehend this situation. This is no small matter. In fact, it is a GIANT matter— it is a veritable “Crime Of The Century.”

Do you believe the erudite Andrew Coyne of CBC cannot put this together? How about leading French-Canadian writer, Chantal Hebert? Too dim in the brain to draw this conclusion?

My, my— how the people of Canada—in particular Old Stock Canada, Anglophones, Conservatives, Seniors, Military, Albertans are being royally shafted by Justin Trudeau, CBC and the rest of the Liberal-3rd World- Globalist social engineers.

Yes—you heard it right— CAP believe these forces have lifted yet another page from China’s “communist manifesto”— strategic social engineering within Trudeau’s pseudo-socialist Canada.

End Game: There are a number of covert, incremental goals by way of our ruling government—as well as those applied by their media slaves. CAP will choose a favourite:

Anglophone- Canadians trans-itioning to a minority community by way of immigration policy. Heck— if Trudeau can maintain the program during the Covid Crisis of 2020, would he ever augment the agenda under any circumstances at all?


5 thoughts on “Trump SUSPENDS Immigration To USA While Trudeau Sets HIGHEST QUOTAS In History”

  1. Some children just never learn. No wonder Donald Trump can’t stand little Justin and the way he runs Canada. Yup, just keep bringing them in and don’t forget to bring in more tourists from China the next flu season, so we can start all over again with Covid21, where the virus has its beginning in China once again, as it always has in previous years. If it was up to me, I would suspend all flights incoming to Canada from China beginning on October 1st of every year, as well as all tourists, regardless of their nationality, that have visited China, and are coming into Canada from another country. There is no reason why any Canadian needs to go to China during that critical time of the year. They only become the host carriers for the flu virus upon their return back home, as witnessed by what the country is going through for Covid19. But PM Justin Trudeau and his idiots in government just can’t see that?

  2. Just going to share this again for another reason, one I missed and it just got pointed out to me. Look at the flag in the background! How fin disrespectful to the country who he works for!! A UN flag! Wake up people!

    Who does this man work for!! Surly not you and I thats for sure!!
    How the people of Canada—in particular Old Stock Canada, Anglophones, Conservatives, Seniors, Military, Veterans, Albertans– are being treated LIKE TRASH by Justin Trudeau, CBC and the rest o…


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