Open Border Society: NO COVID-19 SCREENING At Canada-U.S.A. Border Crossings

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“There are currently no public health officials stationed at Canada-U.S. land border crossings to assist in screening for COVID-19,”according to Global News of Canada.

“My top priority is the health and safety of all Canadians. Our government is doing what it must to protect all Canadians.”

— The Rt. Hon. Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada       
So who is being truthful here? Logic informs sensible Canadians that both of the above scenarios cannot exist concurrently. Does this even matter within PM Trudeau’s “No Core Identity” Canada?
Some astute questions here–therefore astute Canucks will know right away that these questions will never be answered by Canadian government or their media “partners.”
What a wicked game they play. To eschew Covid-19 screening at the Canadian-U.S. border is down right criminal. Or it should be–yet within Trudeau’s “Open Border Society” it will never happen.
“The union that represents border officers has been asking the government to place health officials at all major land border crossings for weeks, but so far nothing has been done,” said union president Jean-Pierre Fortin.”
Unbelievable, eh? Or perhaps not-so-much. After all, despite media obfuscation, the Canada “of old” is dead-as-a-doornail.  
In its stead we have “globalist Canada”…”Trudeau Canada”…fake “Liberal Canada.” Patriots know the one. It comes from long,long ago– way back in the year 2014.
Indeed, it seems like centuries ago when Canada had a government who was actually dedicated to the well being and improvement for the citizens of our nation. All that was transformed upon King Justin’s ascension to the throne of Canada.
“With the majority of people entering Canada travelling by land — including thousands of essential workers who cross the border daily — Fortin says the health and safety of border officers are being put at risk due to the absence of immediate and sound medical advice.”
Holy Cow. As so-called refugees of the 3rd World pour into Canada, Justin Trudeau and Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino believe this to be an opportune time to eschew health screening for Covid-19.
CAP’s Salient Question Of The Month: When choosing which to prioritize as Prime Minister of Canada, what would you select between these two options:
A) The safety, health and welfare of the Canadian people comes first, and all measures to achieve this remain the priority of government.
B) The safety, health and welfare of dubious “refugees” from the 3rd World must remain a top priority of the government of Canada, forever and a day.
So who makes up these rules? Does this inverted globalist scenario sound like the desire of 37.7 Million Canadian citizens? How about half of them? The majority of us? Do the people of Canadian reside in a true democracy?
If so, public opinion would be seriously considered– an absolute JOKE within Trudeau’s “post-modern” Canada.
Or is this rather a fulfillment of the desires of the United Nations, Communist China, geo-political Islam and other international power-players?
There it is, brother and sister patriots– the real, authentic Trudeau government in action. Now, enter CBC News. Bring on Andrew Coyne and John Ibbitson from Globe & Mail. Toss in the Quebec contingency, Chantal Hebert of CBC.
Can not one of these erudite, uber-“educated” folks deduce this simple and obvious theory? Does it even matter?
No, it matters not at all— the publishers and editors of their newspapers would never permit any sentiment expressed herein from reaching the consciousness of the people of Canada.
Aha! Caught in a moment and they can’t get out of it. Wishful thinking, of course. They will get out of it–for one basic reason.
The Trudeau government control CBC and the rest in a similar capacity to the manner in which the government of China control their domestic media. 
And now, ladies and gents, for a touch of Trudeau government transparency:
“Health Canada did not, however, explain why there are no PHAC employees stationed at land border crossings, nor did it explain the process by which CBSA officers at the Canada-U.S. border contact public health officials if they believe someone poses a risk.”
Wonderbar. Do tell- how much time does the communist government of China spend explaining issues such as this? You got it–zero amounts of time.
What a sad and disgraceful position 37.7 Million Canadians find themselves in under the socialist structure of the Trudeau government. Full control of society goes to a handful of ruling government power-players.
Trudeau, Bill Morneau, Chrystia Freeland, and a handful of others have 100% control of Canadian society.
Perhaps the dying Great White North “has it easy”– because in China a handful of adult males have complete control of 1.3 Billion people–so perhaps we are “better off than we think.”
For Cultural Action of Party of Canada, a Trudeau-ruled Canada is a Canada sinking into a state of pseudo-totalitarianism. If it was not for Canadian media, perhaps the greater part of our citizenship would comprehend the political malevolence inherit in the “Sunny Ways” government of Comrade Justin Trudeau.

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  1. Trudeau will be held accountable and charged with murder for not closing the borders down. Absolutely no one should be allowed through unless you are a truck driver. If you are Canadian go back to where you were until this is over. You had your chance to return when Trudeau brought home 420,000 People from all over the world. If I contract the virus I am heading to give him a visit

  2. Trudo you are a liar a traitor to Canada truly gust a drama teacher I don’t know what kind of drugs you’re on but you don’t make any sense you’re only good at lying and cheating


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