Sign the Petition: Stop Justin Trudeau from bringing Refugees into Canada

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Sign the Petition: Stop Justin Trudeau from bringing Refugees into Canada

Trudeau is planning to bring in 25,000 Syrian and Middle Eastern Islamic  refugees into the country and we all have seen what has happened in Europe as result.

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17 thoughts on “Sign the Petition: Stop Justin Trudeau from bringing Refugees into Canada”

  1. Canada can’t afford this , they pushed pension to 67 because they have spent this money , my pension that I am 8 years away from. These people show no gratitude to Canada. Show me one Muslim wearing a poppy! Calgary is a stink hole for refugees terrible , shameful.NO English ! Signs at banks in Arabic no French though.This is wrong!

  2. stop letting more refugees into Canada. We need to help our own people here first with affordable housing and employment before outsiders. Canada bends over backwards to help people from other countries before the ones born here. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

    • Diana, did you know that our govt gives nearly a billion dollars annually to immigrant and multicultural organizations to import the third world into Canada?

    • our govt currently gives $900 million of our tax dollars every year to immigration and multicultural organizations while thousands of Canadian-born citizens live in poverty…not exactly in line with charity begining at home!

  3. Stop the immigration of 25,000 Syrians so fast.. You endanger Canadian citizens. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.. YOU will be held accountable if one Canadian head is harmed due to this poor decision you make today. I see civil uprise if you do not slow the process and thoroughly do a proper investigation into those that cross out Borders. Your father would turn over in his grave. Canada can’t afford this and taxpayers are obviously against this expenditure. Again a leader who refuses to listen to citizens, and makes decisions solely based on his own opinions, abusing the power given to make POSITIVE CHANGES for Canada. If Canadians have families in war torn countries, let them be soley responsible for the costs involved in bringing and supporting their familiy members here in Canada. NO Welfare, No Medical Care. They should be self supporting and our medical line up is long enough and the social medical giving less daily, here in Ontario anyway. Solution: Slow the Process. Set up refugee camps in the far north where there is room for expansion. When they can speak Canada’s FIRST language, English, can be self supporting, and adopt Canadian Customs open the Canadian life to them. Make Families of these people Solely responsible for their immigration and stay here in Canada. Then think about integrating these immigrants into CANADIAN society. Lets see then how many actually want to come to Canada.
    The Future of Canada is grim.. Soon these Canadian lands of ours will be as desolate and war torn as it is in the East. They will bring their barbaric ways with them, as they already have done and we have seen in the loss of life at their hands in OUR Country with the infiltration of immigrants who have been soley bred for one purpose……. kill then die with pleasure and intent. We as Canadians, Strong and Free, will defend our Families , our Beliefs and our Customs, our Country and our God. And, rise to putting Canadians first in Jobs, Medical care, Education and our own children who suffer in poverty and sickness before any outsider.
    The decisions you are making in many areas of your campaign promises that potentially harm any Canadian citizen should be re-evaluated for the betterment towards our own citizens before outsiders, and not for the Demise of this Country.

    • You are so Right. We should NOT have to be afraid in our own Country .
      Justin paid his way into winning. He did NOT win only on votes. I for one would LOVE A FULL INVESTIGATION into the Election that we lost Harper. We can NOT possibly have that many IDIOTS in Canada that my would vote in this reject. All the countries that are suffering at the hands of Syrian refugees does this fool not see ??? We must unite to have JT removed and Wynne as well. Canada has our own out on the streets. With winter coming are we to leave them there and worry about Muslims. I think NOT. MANY PPL WILL BE BUYING GUNS LEGAL OR NOT OUT OF Pure fear. We all must unite and have Justin removed NOW before its to late and we have ppl being killed by Muslim gangs. Woman both young and old being RAPED. INCLUDES LITLE GIRLS ( and boys ). Muslim men are sick. Not to be racist and I know NOT All men but one is to many.
      25000 is to many in 6 weeks. WE MUST STOP JUSTIN. Now.

  4. Canada should NOT let Refugees in to
    Canada till they all been FULLY SCREENED
    100% screened for EVERYTHING !!
    Who they are. Where they came from. Law X&
    Heath must be done on Every Refugee.
    How ever this IS IMPOSSIBLE To do in 5
    Weeks !!! More realistic would be the End
    Of 2016 NOT 2015. Now that would be more
    Reasonable. Trudeau was voted in no idea
    Why but he can also be voted out !!!
    One person gets hurt or Raped he WILL BE
    Held accountable as if he did it himself !!
    Shame on Justin for NOT listening to the
    Scared Canadisns. Even now after 9 out of
    10 ppl do NOT want them in their neighbourhoods.
    Dr’s do NOT want them in their office’s.
    Why can they not just help from a far And
    NOT bring them here. YES I KNOW most
    Will settle in fine. It’s the ones with fake
    ID ‘s.
    Everyone must tell this Confused Idiot
    Justin to look at Germany. France. Denmark. Detroit.
    Halifax. Shall I go on ??!!!??!

  5. Agree with everyone here. Now that they are arriving it should be more apparent than ever that we can’t afford them with our economy weakening, unemployment still high and homeless a real problem. Send them to one of the world’s 57 muslim nations. They can take them.

  6. Canada is strong and with nice people yes so was Germany, Sweden, France US.Uk, Australia … i can go on now the radical muslim refugees who were welcomed have now destroyed that by Raping our women and girls,looting,Very radical over producing with 10 kids per house ,living with government money ,indulging in frauds,building mosques with help of saudis and Isis,Taliban, etc to spread hatred towards all non muslims they do not want to live or coexist with non muslims hate other religions do not love to respect or care for the country or its laws where they came to live.Creating no go zones to nonmuslims,The radical muslims oppose anything and everything then why come here And our very own Mr.Justin supports this first let him take care of our citizens( recent shooting in a town La Lauche due to towns bad economy) before helping others.the funny thing is all these so called muslim refugees have their own blood brothersMuslims) who are living right next to them (oil rich muslim countries ) who are not doing thing why can’t they help their own kind (muslims) with so much wealth in their hands why not help by taking them in and helping then resettle and give the excess money they have ?Many of us are sick and tired of our politicians not worried about what these radicalized muslims who come here are going to turn our beloved country into pure hell where are future generations will be affected for ever!!!!with Jihadis trained by isis and whatnot living among us as sleeper cells?

  7. I agree with that the influx into Canada is unreasonable and too much. The country can’t afford to accept that many so quickly. The Liberal government does not have the best interest for Canada! !

  8. I agree reclaim Canada and stop letting the mass induction of refugees into the country !! Justin Trudeau and his liberals are ruining the integrity of the country. And overpopulating it with Middle Eastern Refugees. It is not right !

  9. Canada has suffered long enough under Trudeau. He has no focus on true Canadians, just those he can bring in. Why. Who knows.

  10. we have to stop all refugees coming into canada it is a big strain on finances and just putting us further in debt.We as canadains need to look after our soldiers and get our people off the street.our country comes first we have seniors who need help and trudeau just looks past our people to make himself look good.Japan made a great statement that when all their people are looked after then they will consider helping other countries,great statement.

  11. There are now 1 million homeless in Canada and millions not working. Why is anyone coming into our country at this time. There is no housing either. Ottawa has a 10 year waiting list for subsidized apartments. Many do not speak any english and are getting jobs! How can we deal with someone who does not speak any english this should be illegal! We built this nation with natives its our nation. Its also a Christian country we made the west. There are hospitals closing as I speak.


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