2024: Full Steam Ahead For The Trudeau Train Of Destruction

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It isn’t as if Canada is the first. Throughout history, sovereign nations have undergone radical social and political transformations. That our country is now in the middle of such a process should be understood by all. It isn’t, for good reason.

Mainstream media has also gone through a process of tacit conversion. Over multiple decades, so has Canada’s educational system.

Government, media, academia. Each one successfully seduced by international powers with hidden plans for the future of our country. CAP pinpoint the threads that are presently weaving our future as non-democratic, authoritarian society.

Hatred of country, animus toward its colonial founding, our branding as a nation steeped in bigotry and homophobia. Of course, dozens of existing nations are far worse, but none of them they are under assault like Canada is.

Back in 1973, Pierre Trudeau was putting the final touches on a roadmap of cultural decimation. His meetings with Chairman Mao Tse Tung kicked things off, as government opened the doors to infiltration from communist China. Add to it PET’s unilateral enforcement of Multiculturalism. Transitioning immigration intake policy to a “points system,” migrant intake morphed from 90% European-derived to 90% 3rd World derived.

As we said, cultural transformation is nothing new. Take Pakistan as an example. While Trudeau Sr. was selling out the soul of Canada, 1973 was the year of Pakistan’s conversion to an Islamic Republic.

Before the arrival of Islam, the region comprising Pakistan was home to a diverse plethora of faiths, including Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Zoroastrianism.

“All laws would have to be brought into accordance with the injunctions of Islam as laid down in the Quran and Sunnah and that no law repugnant to such injunctions could be enacted.”

Where an agenda of national transformation exists, religious communities tend to play a significant role. In Canada’s case, Justin Trudeau has leveraged a specific religious community to accelerate a plan for national conversion.

“For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction,” states Isaac Newton’s third law of motion. Unfortunately for Canada’s original settler communities, legacy media have been paid by the Liberals to promote the former, while ignoring the latter.

The “opposite reaction” is found in systemic self-flagellation advanced by government, media and academia. In all cases of revolutionary transition, “demonized” communities exists as catalysts for national transformation.

In Canada’s case, the targets are our “Old Stock” communities, and the traditional institutions that they support. In 2023, nemesis peoples include Anglophones, Christians, Jews and other “undesirables.”

Cultural Action Party [est. 2016] see not a single example of deviation in the Liberal’s eight-year systemic war on society. Immigration, LGBT, Euthanasia, Abortion– all exist as they were the day Mr. Trudeau seized control. Well, not exactly– most have increased in application, for example the Liberal’s pending expansion of assisted dying to Canada’s mentally ill. Eugenicists of the 3rd Reich would be mighty proud.

As we enter 2024, every component for national decimation remains cast-in-stone. Trudeau is a hated man. To remedy the situation, New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh has locked his  competitor into office for an additional two years.

Thus, the runaway train that is national degeneration is certain to keep on rolling. In contrast, Britain and Australia will both drastically slash immigration numbers in the coming years. Canada will do nothing of the sort.

‘Ridings With Most Immigrants Voted Liberal By A Landslide – And Other things We Learned From Federal Election Results’

“The swath of red ridings that propelled Justin Trudeau to a thunderous Liberal victory Monday boasts more newcomers as a percentage of the population than any other party’s territory.”

This was back in 2015. Since then, one could estimate between two and three million additional Liberal voters have been imported to our shores. This is how the Liberals are working to establish permanent control of government. With all the woke train cars aligned, Trudeau will continue on in 2024 with an identical agenda to what he instituted when first elected in 2015.

It’s a case of “all aboard” — whether Canadians like it or not. Squeezing the lifeblood out of  democracy is a Liberal government specialty. Branding society racist and genocidal, Trudeau and partner-in-political-crime Jagmeet Singh continue to roll Canada down the tracks to the demise of democratic governance.

As funded by the Feds, legacy media have jumped onboard. Academia have been so for decades. Is there anything that can stop the wheels of national transformation from rolling? Perhaps a victory for the Conservative Party in an upcoming election?

Perhaps, but no thinking Canadian should count on it. Justin Trudeau has sold the soul of our nation to globalist interests. Today, a competing party not only has to beat the Liberals in an election. They also have to beat China, Iran, United Nations, World Health Organization and World Sikh Organization.

One of the very first clues to our demise arrived with Trudeau’s declaration that Canada has “no core identity.” As stated in 2016, what it really meant was that an official agenda had been launched to “hollow-out”  everything which previously qualified as Canadian identity.

To be filled in with what? Fundamentalist Islam? Sikh Nationalism? LGBT and Transgender advocacy? An odd-ball assortment it is, but then again, PM Trudeau is one heck of an odd-ball character.

Then again, perhaps it’s merely a fulfillment of what globalist masters advocate at World Economic Forum headquarters in Zurich. Who is Justin Trudeau to question it? In his mind, it’s a ticket to political immortality.

Thus, the downfall of democracy, and the filling in of Canada’s empty core with authoritarian state status. For 2024, it’s full steam ahead for the Liberal government train of national destruction.

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