2023, The Year The Liberals Destroyed The Soul Of A Nation

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The phrase “finish what you started” is well-known among parents attempting to instill proper values in their offspring.

In the case of the Trudeau family of Quebec, things didn’t work out that way. After instilling a base-line animosity toward Canada, it took entrenchment as prime minister for Justin Trudeau to finish what “dad” began.

To sell out the heart and soul of a western democracy is not an easy task. It takes time–decades even– to  dismantle everything has Canada stood for historically.

Not that Trudeau isn’t trying his damndest to complete the task as quickly as possible. To do so, political despots must have media on their side for the purpose of successfully propagandizing a society.

We turn to what stands as an apotheosis of the degeneration of Canada: the day the leader of the Hamas terror organization personally thanked Mr. Trudeau for all he has done for them.

In a span of less than one decade, Trudeau’s Liberals have transitioned Canada to an anti-Christian, anti-Jewish, pro-Islamic society. Obscured by mainstream media, it stands as a watershed moment in Canadian history.

Likely it is that the trajectory of our nation has been altered for all-time. Cultural Action Party [est. 2016] stand with the cynics. By way of international forces, an excellent chance exists that the Liberals are going to steal any upcoming federal election.

China could assist them again. World Economic Forum as well. The Nation of Islam is on the side of the Liberals. Add to it Sikh Nationalists such as New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh, in addition to the Khalistani nationalist movement in general.

Lining up his globalist ducks in a row, legacy media’s depiction of the Conservative Party as a gang of gruff Donald Trump “wanna-be’s” adds power to the woke globalist elixir.

Justin Trudeau’s intrinsic hatred of Canadian heritage began a long time back. There is little doubt that he inherited his animus toward our country from Pierre Trudeau.

With the idea serving as a political back-bone, a not-too-bright, sheltered under-achiever became king of Canada’s woke castle. The vacuous nature of his character ensured a major degree of impressionability from nefarious forces.

If he meets with the LGBT lobby, he absorbs their ideology. When meeting with Islamic community leaders, their ideological beliefs become his. When you add giant financial donations– which both have contributed– Trudeau fully dedicates himself to the cause

Thus, his incongruous support for antithetical causes like Islam and Transgenderism. Once locked in his specious brain, watch out world. Mania inherited from Mama comes flying out the gate, irregardless of logic or basic common sense.

Growing up in the Trudeau bubble, the PM absorbed the false dichotomy of socialism. As delusions of grandeur began to permeate his brain, the man-child set out to become woke saviour of the world.

Trudeau was to become the founder of a “post-modern” society, going down in history as the greatest progressive statesman of the century. But just as socialism eventually results in systemic slavery, Trudeau is set to take his place as the most hated politician in Canadian history.

A tyrant in rainbow socks, he and his government are far more Mao Tse Tung than they are Lester Pearson— all of which goes over most heads in the land of media-consuming Canadians. Bought and paid for by government, CBC, CTV and the rest serve as instant messengers for the Liberal Party.

This is not the Liberals of old, but rather a collective of neo-socialists, enemies of free speech, half-citizens from the 3rd World, as well as Sikh nationalists and LGBT pushers.

Transitioning Canada to a soulless neo-communist state is the name of the game. Top personality traits include incessant disrespect for human life, manifest in Abortion and Euthanasia policies.

In this PM Trudeau has done one hell of a job. Coming across as if following a political script from beyond our borders, his government advance the degeneration of core Canadian values.

No wonder the Liberals love to pack our country with migrants from the 3rd World. These voters lack an ability to recognise such transitions. They simply haven’t lived here long enough to do so.

Generally speaking, “Old School” Canadians are not like this. Go back a half-century, and inform Joe Smith of Orilla, Ontario that a terrorist leader from Hamas just thanked a Canadian prime minister for  supporting his terror cell.

Incredulously, they laugh in your face. Yet, in 2023, it exists as truth. Here we discover the great Canadian chasm–  the difference between “no core identity” Canada, and previous generations of national existence.

Hear ye Hear ye: the federal government of Canada support Middle Eastern terror cells, as well as transgenderism for Canadian youth. A perfect microcosm for the absurdity that is Canadian politics.

Enough. CAP could type for the rest of our natural-born days, and it won’t prevent our socio-political fate. That said, we certainly hope there is a way out, possibly through a Pierre Poilievre as prime minister victory in a future election.

Either way, the Trudeau family of Quebec will remain what they have always been: smug neo-communist political agents for which the country of Canada was never good enough.

From proud Canadian citizens to a motley crew of racists, xenophobes, bigots, homophobes and genocidal haters. Thank you, legacy media.

Thanks Justin– the finest destroyer Canada has ever known.

2 thoughts on “2023, The Year The Liberals Destroyed The Soul Of A Nation”

  1. Trudeau….Diablo….Beelzebub….Lucifer. A wannabe devil is a devil; by any other name. Trudeau can “cancel” Christmas; but he can’t destroy our Christmas spirit. Dampen it? Maybe. Remove Christian symbols? Have at it. But; he will try in vain to sweep away Christianity. Such a busy bee. What’s next? Placing fifty-five foot statues of Hindu “gods” on every street corner? Go right ahead. In the spirit of Satan; Make it a “hate crime” to mention the name of Christ. Under persecution; Christianity will go underground, and flourish; as two thousand years bear witness….Unlike Trudeau and his ilk; who will wither away; while their lifeless pagan statues crumble to dust. Merry Christmas to all!


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