2020: The Year Justin Trudeau Will BURY Anglophone Canada

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“Full Steam Ahead.” Many Canadians will recall the story of the sinking of the Titanic, and the fatal error made by the ship’s captain as he raced to set a new world record for the crossing of the Atlantic Ocean.

All who know of the story also know of the tragic outcome. Turns out that here in Canada, a similar dynamic is at play. Rather than the end of life for hundreds, this “full steam ahead” project is of a different variety.

First of all, what was it that CAP predicted would be the result of a second four-year term in office for Justin Trudeau’s Liberals. Regardless of a transition from majority to minority government, CAP maintained not a single thing would change in terms of our ruling government’s “social policy.”

Turns out we were correct–except for the fact that in terms of the destiny for English Canada and its Anglophone communities, the situation is looking worse than ever.

The number one factor in this regard is former Immigration Minister MP Ahmed Hussen’s agenda to begin to flood Canada’s rural communities with his “chosen” people–those who are like him— refugees, Africans, Third World migrants, et al.

11 Canadian small towns have been earmarked for Hussen’s social engineering program, one which will in time trans-sition white Canadians into minority communities.

Mr. Hussen loves this. In our opinion, this is how he gets his kicks–by way of punitive measures toward the descendants of the founders of Canada– Anglophone and Christian Canadians.

Interesting Fact: His boss-man, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, agrees. Both politicians dislike English Canada for its colonial roots, and have thereby set up a migration policy to ensure an eventual transition of white Canada into a minority community.

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Rumour has it that within a decade from now, Anglophone Canadians in Vernon B.C. will transition to a minority community. This rumour–unconfirmed by Cultural Action Party of Canada– states that Vernon B.C. will trans-sition from 40,000 residents in 2019 to 130,000 residents by 2029.

Let us understand exactly how a Liberal-Globalist program like this plays out in society over time. The initial incarnation targets 11 Canadian communities. Then the program is rolled out to more and more small towns and cities in Canada. For example, 35 communities for the year 2021, 65 towns targeted towns in 2023, and up,up, up from here.

CAP Conclusion: The great demographic assault upon Anglophone Canada is well underway. Founder: Pierre Trudeau. Facilitator: Justin Trudeau. Deputy Facilitator: MP Ahmed Hussen, Somailan half-citizen Islamic Third World Refugee.

Total degree of exposure from CBC, Globe & Mail, and the rest of mainstream Canadian media: Nothing–not a single word.

You know what CAP call this? You got it– a conspiracy–and we will tell you how why we believe this:

As we have gone on out about previously, the answer to this riddle lies in media presentation–or the lack of. The publishers of Canada’s establishment media publications–National Post, Toronto Star etc– are Anglophone and Francophone Canadians in the main. Ditto for editors and leading journalists.

Yet, incredibly, they do not write a single sentence regarding the largest social trans-formation in the history of Canada. Rather odd-ball, don’t you think?

Now, why would a collective Canadian media ostensibly controlled by “Old Stock” Canada hide the decimation of their own culture and identity–as well as their personal and family heritage–from 37.5 million Canadians?

Quick Answer: because they HAVE TO. Pourquoi? Because government owns media.

Bingo–there’s the answer, fellow patriots. Canada is a democratic nation in name only, and Justin Trudeau is a democratic leader in name only.

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In truth, Canada has now been transformed into an anti-Anglophone and anti-Christian nation. Over the coming decades, these communities are going to be crushed.

Take Nova Scotia as an example. Over the past year, Nova Scotia saw the fastest growth in immigration since the year 1972.  “Nova Scotia is seeing record-breaking population growth thanks to immigrants and interprovincial migrants.”

“These population numbers illustrate the positive impact immigration is having in our province,” Nova Scotia’s Immigration Minister, Lena Metlege Diab, said in a news release.

As it happens, Lena Diab is herself an immigrant from Lebanon. As such, do you believe Ms. Diab gives a flying fig whether or not Nova Scotian culture is maintained long-term? What is her concern for Old Stock Canada in this regard? One can guess very little.

The media agree. Leading CBC journalists Andrew Coyne and Chantal Hebert–not one word about our peoples transformation into a minority community. John Ibbitson and Christine Blatchford of the Globe & Mail? Not one sentence regarding the demographic transformation of white Canada into a minority community.

Another well-worn piece of terminology–“Silence Is Golden.” For certain it is– for Justin Trudeau’s globalist agenda of cultural decimation. Seems Old Stock Canada is now rendered an invisible, silent community by way of government and media.

How ominous. Thinking back to 20th century history, is it not the “unmentionables” who generally qualify as the oppressed–or pending oppressed– communities within totalitarian societies?

Damn right it is. Now, CAP will go out “on a limb”— the very same is true for Anglophone Canada. No one mentions us. No media entity ever references “Old Stock” Canada by name, or alludes to our existence as an identifiable community.

And it doesn’t stop here– PM Trudeau has nothing good to say about us. By way of his series of special interest community apologies, our people are racists, bigots and xenophobes.

True or not true– while King Justin has references the Nation of Islam hundreds and hundreds of times, our “anti-PM” has never made reference to  Christian-Canada during his entire tenure.

More media silence in this regard. Let us do a synopsis here:

The government of Canada:

— Promote Islam and Sikhism in no uncertain terms. Advancement of Third World culture in Canada is “multiculturalism,” while any degree of pride in Anglophone-European identity is racism.

— White Canadian birth-rates are way, way down. Third World birthrates are way, way up.

— Immigration policy floods Canada with  Sikh, Muslim, Chinese and various Third World immigrants.

— Anglophone Canada are today our nation’s “unmentionables.” The Trudeau government spent four years issuing punitive measures toward Christians, while undermining Christian identity by way of mass abortion, euthanasia, and transgenderism–all of which cut down on birth rates for “traditional” Canada.

Over the past four years, the Trudeau government has handed billions of dollars to Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Jordan, Somalia, Nigeria, Iran, Ethiopia and Yemen.

Now, contrast this with the fact that the Canadian national deficit is at an all-time high, personal debt is at an all-time high, and Canadian insolvencies and bankruptcies are at an all-time high.

Pour in tall glass, shake it up, and what do you have?

Simple– everything the Canadian media are holding back from 37.5 million Canadians. CAP knew it the day King Trudeau gained his crown–our nation is finished as it has been known for the past 153 years.

Within two decades white Canada will transition to a powerless minority. Why do we say “powerless?” Because multicultural social protection policy applies to every Canadian community with the exception of Anglophone Canada.




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