$2.3 Million Dollar Payout To Hold Democracy Hostage, Jagmeet Singh?

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“The NDP leader denounces the Trudeau government on a daily basis, this might be the reason he won’t vote them down.”

“Despite all his complaining, it looks like Jagmeet Singh has 2.3 million reasons to keep Justin Trudeau in power until 2025.”

Canadian journalist Brian Lilley is not impressed. Recently published in the Toronto Sun, Lilley alludes to the money factor. Among multiple reasons for locking in Liberal PM Justin Trudeau as national leader until late 2025, a hefty pension for Mr. Singh may serve as motivation.

“Singh was first elected through a by-election in February 2019. To qualify for the MP’s pension, members need to serve six years, which for Singh will be February 2025.”

A self-serving federal party leader? Singh would be far from the first. “Post-modern” politics in Canada deliver a plethora of related off-shoots. We speak of the era of an “internationalization” of our political spectrum.

China, India, Punjab, Islam, Sikhism, Khalistan— more and more, global forces have come to shape domestic politics in Canada. While a number of political players indulge, nothing can compare to the globalist impact of Pierre Trudeau and Justin Trudeau. After them, New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh.

Trudeau Sr. served up the influence of communist China on federal politics in Canada. Justin Trudeau gave us Islam, while Jagmeet Singh helped to entrench Sikhism, Punjab, and their nationalist political off-shoot, Khalistan.

All told, these factors have arguably re-oriented our political arena away from its traditional condition. In 2023, media is chock full o’ China and its alleged election interference. In order to capture the rapidly growing Muslim vote, Justin Trudeau spent eight-years hyping and funding Islamic presence on Canadian soil.

Likely for the purpose of advancing Sikh nationalism, Jagmeet Singh agreed to lock-in Justin Trudeau for his full term, ending in October 2025.

Upon which CAP prepare a political inventory of the benefits for Canadian voters. There is none. End of inventory. Turns out the Trudeau-Singh two-step maintains a certain duplicity.

The benefit goes to Trudeau, Singh, Punjab, China, Iran, Syria and various other “developing nations,” with which the Liberals bless with $7 billion dollars per-year in foreign aid.

Back to the money game:

“According to Canadian Taxpayers Federation, Singh’s annual pension in 2034, when he turns 55, would be worth $45,000 per year, more than many retirees live on now. Because the MP pension is indexed, by the time Singh reaches the age of 60, his annual pension would be worth $54,000 per year.”

“If the NDP leader lived until the age of 90, a very reasonable assumption, Singh’s total payout to that point would be $2.3 million, according to the CTF.”

Bingo. We stand witness as NDP leader Jagmeet Singh hits the jackpot. Considering the information enclosed, Cultural Action Party[est.2016] consider the beneficiaries involved:

Justin Trudeau: Ten-years as prime minister of Canada, ample time to re-configure our nation in an image of pseudo-communism as manifest by way of China’s Covid dissemination. Additionally, alleged election interference by the government of China, if accurate, provide the Liberal Party-Chinese government with a dual benefit.

Jagmeet Singh: Canada’s prime minister supports Khalistan nationalism, to the degree– again alleged– that Mr. Trudeau has turned a blind eye to Sikh-Khalistan terror efforts on Canadian soil.

Do tell, fellow patriots: among all this political pandering and subterfuge, where is the benefit for the Canadian-born segment of society? Amazingly, Canadians born in our country still outnumber those born in foreign nations.

Parsing through the data delivers little, if any hope. All the benefit can be found among Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh’s preferred communities, in addition to the lining of their pockets until death do them part.

Degree to which mainstream media allude to as much? Nothing–not one measly sentence. Sounds like CBC and corporate media are working toward the same goals as the Trudeau-Singh tag team.

“On food prices and affordability, Singh is making it clear that he thinks Trudeau works for wealthy CEOs and not Canadians, still, Singh keeps Trudeau in power.”

Perpetual cynics that we are, we pose a theory on this dynamic. The game Jagmeet Singh plays goes as follows:

Once upon a time, post-founding of the New Democratic Party, there existed an authentic concern for the working man(see 2023, people-kind). As founded by Tommy Douglas, party history speaks of concern for the “common man.”

Tommy Douglas was premier of Saskatchewan from 1944 to 1961, representing the Cooperative Commonwealth Federation (CCF), forerunner of the NDP.

As founder of Universal Healthcare, Douglas and his cabinet took a 28 per-cent pay cut. Retirees were immediately given free medical, hospital and dental coverage. Treatment of cancer, tuberculosis, mental illness and venereal disease were made free to everyone in Saskatchewan.”

Support for Canadian unions played a critical factor, thereby cultivating the concept that the NDP were advocates of grass roots citizens.

This is the NDP that Jagmeet Singh cultivates to this day. In typical fashion, legacy media never speak of the “progressive” nature of party politics. Transitioning to a puppet party for the Liberals is not understood as well as it should be, and media is the reason why.

Can it be that Jagmeet Singh is substituting stereotypical perceptions of his party for the purpose of advancing what he really truly cares about?

He already wears a Rolex watch, so that can’t be the goal. A fat pension worth over $2 million dollars? Perhaps we are getting warmer. Justin Trudeau’s support for Khalistan state independence?

This one CAP put at the top of the NDP political totem pole– the charade being self-serving, myopic and ethnocentric.

Still, it’s only an opinion, albeit from a source with a good track record of interpreting political dynamics within PM Trudeau’s “no core identity” society.

Who knows, perhaps one day a dream may come true. As Hindu politicians in India have said, “if Jagmeet Singh cares so much about Khalistan, then establish the state on Canadian soil.”

The clock’s running, Jagmeet Singh.

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  1. Turd’s devolution of Canada from democracy towards a communist dictatorship = TREASON within the scope of current legislation.

  2. MP’s pensions are fully indexed to inflation. The full package has been known for a long time as “gold-plated.” It’s quite a sweet deal. But hey–Who are we to complain? They work superhuman hard for their (our) money. “Working” a few scant months/year for six years….and collecting a generous pension? Perfectly justifiable! Considering their toil; perhaps just getting elected should suffice? Six years is far too long. Additionally; they should start collecting immediately. (If memory serves; MP’s used to collect the pension when they left office? Even if they were only thirty. That was a few decades ago.)


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