1988-2088: The Century That The Liberal Party of Canada SOLD OUR NATION To China

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Many CAP readers will be familiar with the statement “a chip on one’s shoulder.” This suggests a certain insecurity— the feeling that one “isn’t good enough” within a particular social milieu.

This can also apply to communities, and even entire nations. In many circumstances, the impact of such a thing can be highly damaging.

For CAP, we believe this theory applies directly to the nation of Canada, its history, as well as historical and present-day leaders of our nation.

In an odd coincidence, the two prime ministers of Canada who have most indulged are former Liberal Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau, and current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. For Pierre’s worldly “intellectualism,”  our country was just too darn colloquial. For Justin, his specious brain simply hates our history.

The impact today borders on the catastrophic. Part of the problem is the malevolence father-and-son Trudeau maintained for the colonial founding of Canada.

Yes, Aboriginals were treated very poorly. Prejudice existed in no-uncertain terms. Historical mistreatment of new arrival communities is factual. No one is claiming Canadian history to be a work of uncompromising benevolence.

Yet there is something different about the family Trudeau—including brother-in-the-shadows, Alexandre Trudeau. From what CAP gather, these three all believed that vengeance toward our nation—including our contemporary communities of European-derived peoples— deserve to be on the receiving end of punitive damages to make-up for past transgressions.

In other words, because Canada exists upon “stolen land,” certain facets of society have the right to steal it back. Frankly, this situation is shot through with danger— to the extent that the result may well be the permanent break-up of our country.

Curiousities abound. If First Nations are the most affected historical community, why is it that non-First Nations forces are those attempting to hi-jack Canada, and “steal it back?”

The culprits are what CAP refer to as the “Liberal-Globalists.” Firstly is our ruling Liberal government, followed by “multicultural” non-profit groups, immigration advocates, social justice warriors, academics, professors, media, as well as a number of “blood-thirsty” Liberal members of parliament and Canadian senators.

This is accomplished by way of the “race-card”—an accusation of racism toward nearly anyone who pushes back against the nefarious globalist agenda.

How odd that among the multicult-pushers, the top executive in Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, is the most vehement advocate.

How messed is that? Plenty—just not according to CBC and corporate Canadian media. Is there a time-period which denotes when all this began?

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Yes there is. We choose 1988—the year the Multicultural Act of Canada became officially legislated in Canada. Although Conservative PM Brian Mulroney was in charge at the time, multiculturalism in Canada is a Pierre Trudeau- Liberal Party production.

Without question, the first foreign nation to get its hooks into Canada as a result was the communist nation of China. Huge immigration numbers from Hong Kong, followed by the transition to Mainland China.

How long did it last for? No one knows—because it is still rolling to this very day. Successive ruling government’s of Canada have maintained a symbiotic relationship with the motherland not only since 1988. Try the year 1850—when Bank of Montreal(BMO) began partnering with the behemoth nation.

Who can deny that Pierre Trudeau drove the China-ticket in Canada to the hilt? Who will deny that son Justin Trudeau is the single biggest sycophant toward the Far East nation since Papa Pierre forced all this upon an unsuspecting society back in the day?

Thus began a most “enduring” relationship. Consider Covid-19 in 2020. The ruling Liberal government have not issued even one sentence of condemnation or criticism of China as it relates to Covid-19.

No they do not. Rather telling, isn’t it? Or it would be, if China’s secondary partner in Canada did not bury the truth. This of course, is Canadian establishment media.

Notice one thing— these media people NEVER speak of the future of our nation. As in, what is coming down-the-line in terms of immigration and related social issues. 

When will Anglophone Canada transition into a minority community? A damn fine question, while CBC feel that Curling Event scores  in Saskatchewan are more relevant.

Conclusion: Government and media are playing the citizens of Canada like dummies. Frankly, CAP despise this. We hate they arrogance of the Trudeau family and their Laurentian Mountain uber-rich hypocrites.

You may know the feeling—the facial expressions of Justin and Bill Morneau when they announce that the new federal budget will once again plunge Canada into gigantic deficits and debt. Smugness is as smugness does.

Back To The Future: We believe the true purpose of mass immigration is to transition Canada into a pseudo- Liberal dictatorship. If it left in PM Trudeau’s hands, in time every riding in Canada will transition to a Liberal stronghold.

In other words, totalitarian-time in Canada. When might this occur? How about a target of the year 2088?

This is a 100-year term for the dissolution of democracy, and the advent of a Liberal-Globalist-3rd World socialist nation-state.

“Insane!” says Susan Delecourt, Liberal media puppet. “That Salzberg guy is one paranoid mutha!” utters pandering -deceiver journalists at the Globe & Mail.

Here’s the thing, however—we don’t care. In fact, here some more so-called “insanity” for you:

Why was 1988 selected as the year to establish the Multicult Act? Because in Chinese numerology, the number “8” means financial good fortune. CAP can conceive of a century-long globalist plan for our nation.

Never in 100 years will you here such a thing from Trudeau’s gang of socialist-pandering media. Yet, could it be that China will “own” Canada by this point in the future?

Some would say China already owns Canada—that’s how extreme the situation has become under the most puerile, sycophantic prime minister ever to sit in Ottawa—Mr. Justin Trudeau.

In fact, Mr. Justin has never met a foreign government he is unwilling to “sell the soul” of our nation to. There is no one in Canada—or even around the world—which CAP despise more.

From Pierre Trudeau, to Justin Trudeau—and straight into the arms of the communist nation of China.

1988-2088: RIP Canadian Democracy, RIP English Canada— and perhaps its citizenship too.



2 thoughts on “1988-2088: The Century That The Liberal Party of Canada SOLD OUR NATION To China”

  1. Focusing on Trudeau and pretending that Canada was ever federated will keep Canadians from ever installing a Constitutional Republic in their province in order to take back their landmass.

    Let ‘s move on to developing a style of government that is for the People, by the People, with a Constitution that is literal and not subject to opinion and interpretation by corporate governments.

    Honestly, let’s move on the solution now. We’ve been complaining for two hundred years about this corporatocracy. Let’s move on to installing a Constitutional Republic instead of constantly suggesting that corporatocracies have redeeming qualities and we can change the ruling corporations by voting in new party. All elected members must swear an oath to to the Crown (corporation), so forget ever changing it from the inside.

    I’ve tried several times to reach out to CAP to discuss the real facts and to see if in Ontario, there are CAP members who would like to move on, now that there is no conferation and never has been.

    If any of your readers are interested in discussing the installation of a Constitutional Republic in Ontario, please contact me at info@People-United.

    • Justin Trudeau and media scum are trans-fering Canada from democracy to China-style dictatorship. CAP recognised this very early–hence our jump on the rest.


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