170,000 Migrants To Arrive Through Family Reunification, Refugee Policy In 2021

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“Canada aims to welcome 103,500 immigrants through the family class this year and another 66,000 for refugee and humanitarian purposes.”

“Achieving the family class target is made easier by the fact that immediate family are exempt by the travel restrictions.”

Apart from Canadian media hiding away information that every citizen deserves to comprehend, several related factors must be exposed.

When one thinks of family members, it is likely they think of immediate familyparents, children, brothers and sisters.

Not so by way of government definition. Under Canadian immigration policy, “family” refers to the following:

Spouses, same sex partners, common law partners, conjugal partners, children. parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces, grand-daughters, grand-sons.

Outside official policy, a certain reality remains: the family plan is 90% focused upon 3rd World immigrants. This exists for two fundamental purposes:

To please immigrant communities, and to increase the number of citizens who vote for our current Liberal government. Degree to which CBC, CTV, Globe and Mail and Toronto Star expose any of these realities is zero.

The Department of Immigration will likely need to expedite spousal applications, which “make up the bulk of the family class, as it did at the end of 2020 when it processed up to 6,000 spousal applications per month.”

Stop the press. Let CAP lay the situation on the line like no one else will:

When considering these developments– in tandem with all other aspects relating to immigration to Canada– is it not reasonable to declare the following:

There will come a day when immigrants outnumber the Canadian-born. In 30 years time, this will more than likely be the case. Among the Canadian-born will be our nation’s Anglophone communities.

Speaking of Anglophone peoples, many will be aware of government/media sponsored “systemic racism.” This phenomenon informs us that all fundamental institutions in Canada are intrinsically racist. In less direct terms, it implies that Old Stock citizens by default racists and bigots.

Now, place the flooding of Canada with new arrivals next to government and media anti-Anglophone sentiment, and what do you have?

As PM Justin Trudeau likes to say, “people see things from different perspectives.” It is ground-breaking brilliance such as this that our PM gets paid the big bucks for.

Here is CAP’s perspective: Justin Trudeau’s post-modern Canada will be one in which Anglophone-Canadians transition to second class citizens. The justification for this will come from the “stolen land” theory. Because European Canadians stole the land from Aboriginals in 1850, they deserve to have the land stolen back from them in 2021.

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Now, the bad news– establishment media are hiding away every element of this agenda. Astute political observers may notice another curious trend– media never project into the future of Canadian society.

There is a darn good reason for this– government and media do not want some 25 million Old Stock Canadians to comprehend their long term fate.

Government and media in collusion. Sounds like something one would discover within communist or totalitarian societies,no?

What a “coincidence” this. As it happens, Justin Trudeau is leading our nation to this exact social condition. Within totalitarian nations, most often a specific “nemesis” community exists. Think China, the former USSR, as as well as  European dictatorships  of the 20th century.

Is this the pending fate for our communities that mainstream media are hiding away from the knowledge of all Canadians?

– Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(2016)

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