130 THREATS To Trudeau, Cabinet: “Someone Is Going To Be KILLED” Says Liberal MP

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“In July,2020, Corey Hurren drove his truck through the gates of Rideau Hall, allegedly armed to the teeth and looking to do harm to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his family.”

“Since then, staffers and politicians have been speaking to me and providing a fatalistically similar message: it’s a matter of time before someone gets killed.”

From Sunny Ways in 2015 to a pending dead MP in 2020. Such is the way Canada rolls under the leadership of Justin Trudeau. Serious business, no? Is it not obvious that the number one impetus for the unprecedented bitterness toward government is rooted in hatred for PM Trudeau?

Frankly, the man deserves this–and so much more–such as not remaining PM of Canada. What on earth has manifested such deep resentment, anger and vitriol– particularly on the part of “Old Stock” Canada— for Anglophone, Francophone communities in particular?

One reason that comes to mind is incredibly simple: Justin Trudeau is such as easy person to hate. CAP has been covering Canadian politics in one form or another for some 35 years, and we will state that NO political figure in Canadian history is hated as much as Justin Trudeau.

As it happens, the malevolence is not reserved for Mr. Trudeau exclusively-– and this is where the situation becomes mighty sketchy. CAP has written about the phenomenon previously– “When Canada’s most Hated MP’s win every time” is the general refrain.

Take present-day Pakistani Liberal MP Iqra Khalid from the GTA. Suffice to say the GTA is a 3rd World-Liberal political powerhouse. Why say it? Because CBC will never inform Canadians of this reality.

By her own admission, the founder of M103 “Islamophobia” motion has received over 100,000 pieces of “hate emails.” This is one heck of alot of hatred.

Liberal: Iqra Khalid 
Conservative: Hani Tawfilis
NDP: Salman Tariq
Green: Remo Boscarino-Gaetano
PPC: Hazar Alsabagh

Taking a look at the candidates in the Mississauga-Erin Mills riding, CAP drawan instant conclusion: there is no way that an Anglophone, or non-3rd World candidate can WIN. To be certain, this is something establishment media in Canada will never articulate to the general public.

Results, 2019:

Pakistani Iqra Khalid: 30, 894 votes.

Conservative Hani Tawfilis, 19,105 votes.

NDP Salman Tariq, 5149 votes.

What’s up with this? CAP will guess Ms. Khalid is the only MP in Canadian history to receive this much hate mail–yet she completely “rocked the house” in the 2019 federal election. It was her second straight victory.

Buried By Media: How PM Justin Trudeau’s DESTRUCTIVE Personality Is Destroying Canada

Over on the “Old Stock” community side of politics, another much despised MP is gets major heat on an ongoing basis– Cabinet Member rand Environmental Minister, Liberal MP Catherine McKenna. Truth is, we can’t even repeat some of the vitriol she has received from Canadians.  

Yet, sure as snow on a Nunavut winter day, McKenna wins her Ottawa Centre riding. What’s up with this? Frankly, the same thing that is up for dozens of Liberal MP’s–they are hated by the general public, yet time and again win their seats and return to parliament.

“When a female employee opens the door the man asks to speak to McKenna, but she tells him the office isn’t open to the public due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The man then launches into a profane tirade,  calling McKenna a XXXX  before the woman shuts the door.”

“This isn’t an isolated incident. It’s not just involving me, my staff members, my family. Too often there are incidents against politicians, often female politicians,” McKenna stated.

CBC approach to the hatred of the Liberal government: continue to prop them up. Do not tie the loose strings together to inform Canadians of a fundamental truth:

The political decision-making of Justin Trudeau, the PMO and Cabinet has created a nation infused with hate, anger and resentment. There is a very basic reason for this: the “special treatment” Trudeau delivers to 3rd World Canada. 

Justin Trudeau has damaged society by functioning as “national leader” for some, while shunning other core communities in Canada.

Brief Summary:

Trudeau’s “chosen” Canadians– Muslims are number one. Sikh-Canadians are second on the list. All things China–a priority for the Trudeau family for the past 40 years, rides high on the charts. Who else? Transsexuals are a priority, as are all elements of LGBT politics.

At the bottom–and sinking fast– are Canada’s Anglophone and European-derived peoples. Between 2015-2020, Justin Trudeau has sent and/or dedicated well over $10 BILLION dollars to the following nations:

Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia, Jordan, Ethiopia, Senegal, Pakistan, Nigeria, Yemen, Bangladesh, Kenya, Sudan, Niger, India, Ghana, Lebanon, Uganda, Rwanda, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Zimbabwe, Myanmar. Central African Republic, Liberia, Congo, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Chad.
Ever read this in the Toronto Star? Of course not! To expose this to 38 Million Canadians while our country suffers from China’s pandemic dissemination would  anger our citizenship is no-uncertain terms.
Therefore, CBC hold this back for the benefit of… all those 3rd World, Middle Eastern and African societies–and NOT Canada. Could this exemplify the reason for the collective vitriol sensible Canadians feel toward this Trudeau person?
CAP Summary: Media understand well and good that PM Justin Trudeau is a DESPISED individual. In fact, we predict a profound realization will one day permeate Canadian society as a whole:
Justin Trudeau, along with his father Pierre, and brother Alexandre, believe in a Canada which serves as a “Saviour Nation” for Third World societies.  As PM, Justin settled into a manufactured role as globalist “saviour of the planet.”
Because this megalomaniac personality has behaved in this manner, he is hated by millions upon millions of Canadians of European Heritage.
— BRAD SALZBERG, CAP Founder, (est. 2016)




7 thoughts on “130 THREATS To Trudeau, Cabinet: “Someone Is Going To Be KILLED” Says Liberal MP”

  1. Because of the outrages that the treasonous Liberals have imposed upon Canadians, many innocent Canadians have been killed and many more will be killed. I personally would never harm a Liberal nor wish them any harm; but equally I will not lose any sleep because the members of The Criminal Party of Canada are justly feeling fearful out of their Mens rea. (Guilty Mind).

  2. Perhaps if politicians were honest upfront and transparent, they would not be despised and hated. It is of their own doing that has accumulated the amount of hate directed towards them.
    Willing to sell your soul, then you will pay the devil his dues. Politicians have the freedom of choice between doing the right and honourable or continuing with the corruption.
    Karma will be theirs.

  3. Why does the Trudeau Foundation use the ‘boy lover’ pedophile symbol? Why has Trudeau pedophile connections. What is been done to arrrest child traffickers in Canada, why is the Cabal media hiding child traficking activity.


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