100,000 Jobs LOST TO CHINA As Justin Trudeau Cancels Steel Tariffs

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On August 9, 2019, the Trudeau government announced that it will be granting full duty remissions on illegally dumped fabricated steel from China to supply two liquid natural gas (LNG) projects located in British Columbia. Their recent action was announced with their assurance that “trade barriers would not be permitted to stand in the way of these historic private sector investments”.

The two projects involved are LNG Canada and Woodfibre LNG, both located on the coast of B.C. The partners in LNG Canada are made up of a consortium of investors of which include China. These two LNG projects will be modularized, meaning they will be built in smaller shippable pieces with all the equipment and components preinstalled.

The modules will be connected on site, requiring very few construction workers. Essentially, in doing so, the largest project ever in the history of Canada will be handed over to Chinese businesses and workers.

How Justin Trudeau this is. Ever heard of SNC-Lavalin? A rhetorical question, of course. But the Steel-LNG story is different. Media have buried this one is the cold tundra on a cool Nunavet morning.

Why? Simple-because it would make Mr. Trudeau look bad, and therefore he may receive less votes come the October election. Once again– not unlike the SNC-Lavalin case, Mr. Trudeau chooses to circumvent the law for political reasons.

“The announcement was very disappointing,” says Ed Whalen, President & CEO of the Canadian Institute of Steel Construction (CISC). “These two projects, if done in Canada, would have created hundreds of thousands of construction jobs for all trades across the country. Projects like these employ skilled workers from all over Canada and not just in the local area. This is a hundreds-of-thousands-of-jobs-lost kind of mistake.”

Benefit: China. Loser: Canadian steel industry workers. How very Justin Trudeau. Isn’t it always the way under this character?

Extra, Extra– “Communist-Loving Prime Minister Trudeau Works For China, Damages Canada” reads the National Post headline. In a patriot’s dream, perhaps. The reality is, of course, something very different.

Try this simple experiment, just like CAP did: In your Google browser, type the keywords “China Steel Canada.” Several articles should come up as a result. No big deal, right? Yet, note the fact that not a single article comes up on the story from Canadian establishment media.

Yes, to steel industry publications. Just not CBC, Toronto Star, National Post or Global News. Pourquoi? Because in post-modern Canada, media work for government–therefore this news item does not make the grade–it would damage the MSM’s globalist master far too much

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Collusion between a ruling government and state/mainstream media. How democratic, eh? Then again, as informed Canadians understand(exit Liberal-Snowflakes), Democracy checked its ego at the door after King Justin came to town.

Echoes of communism? You decide–CAP have our answer–which we maintained from the very first week Trudeau seized control of the consciousness of  society.

“For the Government of Canada to call their own fair trade process a trade barrier is dumbfounding,” CISC CEO Ed Whalen said in a statement.

“This…will send shock waves across all Canadian industries contemplating future capital investment and their viability in Canada.”

Yes– shock waves across the industry–but not shock waves amongst the public. Guess its a “what they don’t know won’t hurt them” scenario. Of course, this is false– experts inform us the job losses are monumental.

“The argument that Canada does not or can’t do module construction work is false,” CISC said.

“Canada has been assembling modules for many years with the projects like those in Alberta. The international oil and gas companies want the lowest cost, China’s illegal dumping and subsidizing provides that, the Government of Canada will offer the legal framework to allow this to happen and Canadian construction workers no longer have access to projects in Canada.”

Translation: Another SNC-Lavalin type scandal. But this one is different–the beneficiaries are NOT Canadian companies, or Canadians workers. The benefit goes to the Trudeau family hero-nation of China. How TYPICAL.

Here we come to understand exactly WHY John Ivison, John Ibbitson, Andrew Coyne are not exposing the story to Canadians. With no benefit whatsoever for the Canadian component of the two B.C. LNG Projects, Canadian voters may well be outraged if they learned what is occurring by way of the situation.

Welcome to Trudeau’s “New School” Canada– where government works for the benefit of a communist, human rights-abusing, racist and bigoted oligarchy.

As for the people of Canada– as well as our workers–they can all go jump into Lake Ontario. Turns out boss-man Trudeau has no use for you whatsoever.



4 thoughts on “100,000 Jobs LOST TO CHINA As Justin Trudeau Cancels Steel Tariffs”

  1. The Canadian Trades need to refuse to receive or assemble these modules.Since not built with Canadian steel or assembled by Canadian Workers , or Canadian Union Workers.
    Let the modules rot away on the docks.
    Let the projects come to a stand still until the Government and Companies get it. No more off shore , from now on Built in Canada , with Canadian resourses and by Canadian labor.
    Other wise it does not get built.

  2. I can’t wait until October to vote Trudeau out so he can return to being a Drama Teacher! What a sellout to Canadian workers he is!

  3. Will said parts meet Canadian standards/code. If not will we still be required to pay for them? And if they don’t, will the parts then have to be made in Canada thereby doubling our costs for the project? If contracts are cancelled because they cant meet standards for our climate, will there be penalties for them failing to be able to fulfill they’re obligations? And where will that penalty money go? to whom? Follow the money, people. This project in its entirety should be done in Canada because we know the factors which will impact the finished product and how to mitigate for them.


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