100 Million Canadian Population Target Will Decimate English Canada

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Big business leaders have been urging political parties to avoid inflaming the immigration debate ahead of this fall’s federal election. They emphatically recommend Canada adopt a globalist policy plan entitled the “Century Initiative.”

“We are 10 years away from a true demographic pressure point,” say corporate leaders and think-tank organizations. “What I’ve said to the leaders of the political parties on this issue is, “Please do all you can to RESIST making this election about immigration. That’s as bluntly as I can say it to them.”

And as bluntly as Canadian patriots can state, a plan to reach a population of 100 million in Canada by the year 2100 will destroy English Canada, and trans-form Anglo-Canadians into a tiny sliver of the overall Canadian demographic. In other words, after so-called “minority” communities spent a century complaining about “racist” Canadians, it is THOSE THEY ACCUSE who will ultimately become Canada’s marginalized minority community.

Cultural Action Party have a term for this development: “Second Nations” Canada. After the social marginalization of Canada’s First Nations communities, Anglophones are set up to be next in line. This will be justified by perpetually branding white Canadians as racists and land-stealers.

Based upon the approach Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has taken to this founding community of Canada, he must in seventh heaven in anticipation of this social development. Equally as thrilled would be his second in command, Somalian Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen. Others within the Liberal caucus will be equally ecstatic.

What do Anglophones have to say about the destruction of English Canada? Frankly, we have NO IDEA–as the establishment media in Canada has NEVER ONCE written about “Old Stock’ Canada’s feelings on the demographic destiny of our nation. Interesting to note that  most major Canadian editors and journalists are, in fact, Old Stock Canadians themselves. How ironic.

A poll released this month by Ekos Research Associates suggested that the share of people who think there are too many visible minorities in Canada is UP SIGNIFICANTLY. Does this matter to Trudeau, Hussen, Morneau, Freeland and the rest of the cultural assassins? Not in the least.

The ruling Liberals are a democratic government in concept  only. The rest is a charade of pseudo- totalitarianism. As we have seen from pseudo-democratic governments of modern world history, most include a sub-plot of social destruction. Indeed, targeted communities functioned as a critical component of their social agendas.  Can the government of Justin Trudeau be cut from the same cloth?

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