1.3 Million RAMADAN STAMPS Issued As Canadian Govt, Media Promote Islam

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Canada’s first Eid stamp was issued May 24, 2017, to mark Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha, the two most important festivals in the Islamic calendar. That design included Arabic script that reads “Eid Mubarak.”

“The new non-denominational stamp(!) features the same greeting in Arabic calligraphy. The greeting is surrounded by Islamic geometric art in gold and turquoise with another pattern in turquoise in the background.”

The stamp also has the following inscriptions in gold: “Eid” in English in the upper left and Arabic in the upper right, “Canada” in the lower left, and the “P” and maple leaf emblem (to designate a permanent-rate stamp) in the lower right.

In announcing the stamp, Canada Post said, “Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha are celebrated by Muslims around the world, including more than one million Muslims in Canada.”

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau again wished a blessed Ramadan to all the Muslims across the world. The holy month of Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar. All months in the Islamic calendar last from 29 to 30 days.

“Communities have suffered hateful, Islamophobic acts of violence‒acts that have no place anywhere in our world.” Trudeau also expressed his commitment to stand up against hate: “We will always call out Islamophobia,” said Trudeau.

“During this crisis[Covid-19], the values at the heart of Islam – compassion, gratitude, and generosity – resonate more than ever.”
B.C. Premier John Horgan: 
“Ramadan reminds us that we all have a part to play in making the world a better place.”
Not just Canada, but throughout the world–just as PM Trudeau uttered. Seems Canadian political leaders have jumped on board a world-wide  promotion of Ramadan.

In municipal government terms, Mississauga  voted to allow mosques in the city to do calls to prayer during Ramadan.

Council unanimously passed a motion  April 2,2020 to temporarily relax city noise bylaws for the calls, which alert Muslims it’s time for prayer, up to the end of Ramadan on May 24.

A loudspeaker blast of the Ramadan prayer was also approved by Ottawa, Halifax, Calgary and other by Canadian Mayors and city councils.

 What does all this say to the 95% of Canadians who are non-Muslim? We begin with what this  what does not say: that all those who follow the Islamic faith are somehow bad or nasty people. This is not the point at all.

Rather, the point relates to “society”— the larger, long-term implications of such social developments upon the fabric of Canadian society. Will this public practice be replicated in subsequent years? 

Justin Trudeau has seriously trans-formed Canadian society. This is obvious and blatant–and very much in-line with what his ex-PM father Pierre Trudeau did “back in the day.”

CAP speak of a commonality between Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau, and Liberal PM Justin Trudeau. CBC never do. What we hereby espouse is that these two men are the figureheads of a political movement to trans-form Canada into an entity no Canadian ever asked for, or voted for.

Pierre Trudeau forced “multiculturalism” upon Canada. No vote, no say, no referendum–no democracy. In 2020, all three levels of government– federal, provincial, municipal are promoting  Middle Eastern religion within society. Same pattern–no public input or approval, no vote,–NO DEMOCRACY.

Conversely, which social elements have these political  entities removed themselves from?

Try the democracy business, the freedom of speech business, Christianity business, Old Stock Canada business, objectivity of the media business, and myriad other fundamentals of western liberal democracy.

MEDIA COVER-UP: Trudeau Sells Off All CANADIAN GOLD, Selling Gold Industry To China

CBC are hiding away the entire procedure. Perhaps Old Stock Canadians, patriots, nationalists and conservatives–all the people our PM hates-– should face a profound truth:

The 37.8 Million citizens of Canada have NO SAY in government policy–just as it is in the hero-nations of Justin Trudeau, filmmaker for Iran, brother Alexandre Trudeau, as well as Papa Pierre Trudeau before them.

Justin Trudeau has gone “hog-wild” over fundamentalist Islam–despite the fact that at present, just 4% of the population of Canada are Muslim-Canadians. 

An equivalent for Christianity? Not quite. A replication for Jewish Canadians? Not so. Likewise for any other religious community? Nope.

Welcome to multicultural-based “equality”— a Liberal-Globalist sham if there ever was one. Get ready for your future, fellow Canadian patriots— government has chosen this for you. Citizens have no say. CAP may add we are not sure Canadians have any say in the selection of a ruling federal government PERIOD.

And here media “intelligensia” such as Andrew Coyne, John Ibbitson and John Ivision laughingly refer to Canada as a “democracy.”

— BRAD SALZBERG, CAP Founder(est. 2016)




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  1. What in God’s name is happening to this once great country since Trudope crowned himself king. It needs to stop!!


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