Petition: Say NO to Islamic Heritage Month in Ontario

The question on our minds is: What month will be Christianity month? What month will be Judaism month? What month is Buddhism month? What month with be Aboriginal Month?

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5 thoughts on “Petition: Say NO to Islamic Heritage Month in Ontario

  1. If you bring in an Islamic Heritage month, it will be the biggest mistake you make and political suicide. This country was built on the blood, sweat and tears of the Europeans to make habitable for all to live here.
    To acknowledge Islam over true Canadian Heritage (European) is a total disrespect and slap in the face to us and the ones who made Canada possible.
    TRUDEAU needs to be denounced and removed immediately!!!

    1. You are completely right. When people come here and expect handouts from Canadians, I have no respect for them. Do as they did when our great grandparents came, you were on your own and either worked and ate and provided for your family or starved. With this new Muslim immigration minister who is also an immigration lawyer, Canada’s trouble will begin with double, triple or I expect a lot more refugees being brought in under him. Canada does not look good for 2017.

  2. It’s true…you are giving this nation to its greatest enemy. They want nothing more from us than to conquer this Country and take over. If you allow this to happen you have sold us out!

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Petition: Say NO to Islamic Heritage Month in Ontario

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Petition: Say NO to Islamic Heritage Month in Ontario

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