Muslim Brotherhood In Canada Infiltration at The Highest Levels of Government.

Published on Mar 14, 2017

Canada should immediately designate the Muslim Brotherhood a foreign terrorist organization and barre from office any politician with associated ties or connections to this group past or present.

29 thoughts on “Muslim Brotherhood In Canada Infiltration at The Highest Levels of Government.

  1. Yes.. keep these terrorists out of office.. we do not need to lose our freedom of speech and no Sharia law either.. this insanity has to stop now.. we need to unite our voices against this..

    1. Separation of church and state…and no extremist…or religion should ever have precidence over another in day to day life…this is a Christian country built on Christian values…with laws that are fair to all religions…we’d be crucified in their countries for being so…it makes no logical or moral sense that the Islamic religion is receiving these kind of consessions…they are milking Islamophobia for all its worth…Islam has something against everything not Islam…but its not them that are racist and intolerant in their beliefs?!?..this is Canada…it’s time they are told.

      1. Unfortunately ” Separation of State and Religion” is an American Standard. We have nothing to equal this in Canada

  2. Look what’s happening all over Europe, we’re next! These people need to be stopped before we lose our freedom and glorious country!!

  3. Some one tell me how we average Canadiens can help stop this? Voting doesn’t seem to be enough or soon enough. I’d like to think that my children and grandchildren will have a normal Canadian future. This must be stopped. Now!

  4. We must fight to Stop Bill M103. The problem is our young people are being brainwashed to believe all the liberal lies. I see it in my once sensible grandchildren, as soon as they start university the brainwashing begins… If something doesn’t change soon I will be forced to leave Canada, the country I love where I never thought I would face fear.

  5. Why aren’t the law enforcement a stepping in to adhere the law when treason is being committed by the prime minister and his cabinet officials????

  6. We are goin to have to start protesting. The gov is giving our country to terrorist. This must be stopped. Nooneother than true Canadians should be allowed in gov.

  7. We the Canadian and North American should armed& protect our family and our community. Police should not do stupid programs to take guns away to burn them. Even around world need to protect.

  8. With so much information and evidence of treason, why is nothing being done now, before it’s too late. We witness the spending of our $ overseas, supporting who knows what as well as trudeau’s defense of muslims in Canada and ignoring the people he’s supposed to serve. He must think of himself as a king and I refuse to capitalize that, with the view of governing a sharia run country. Speak out against the demise of our country, and he has the audacity to celebrate 150 years knowing full well what the intentions are, destroy Canada.

  9. Justin Trudeau, truly is committing treason, by his actions and associations, and he should be removed from power immediately.

  10. Trudeau and the liberals need to be removed from the government before they destroy Canada and Canadians why have the Right R C.M.P . Have not done a full investigation in to this or are they working with and for Trudeau or the Muslim brotherhood???????

  11. I am bewildered how this can happen in Canada. When 80% of the country I believe is a good number is against this m103 but our government can still entertain this bill and possibly make it law. Why are we bowing down to one religion if they don’t like our way of life here then go home or shut up. I don’t believe islamophobia whatever you want to call it has been a problem in Canada only to this liberal government now they are going to have a problem when this bill passes. Can’t wait to retire and get out of this country I’ve had enough sad to say if there’s anything left of my retirement pension.

  12. I guess these statements we are making here will make us criminals in the eyes of the law after this bill goes to too bad arrest me I’m sick of it all can’t wait to vote for anybody but the liberals or the NDP next election.

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Muslim Brotherhood In Canada Infiltration at The Highest Levels of Government.

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Muslim Brotherhood In Canada Infiltration at The Highest Levels of Government.

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