One thought on “Last Stand in Londonistan

  1. We need to close our borders to Moslems. To end up like Western Europe is ludicrous. The quickie citizenships need to be cancelled & the Syrians deported back to their own country with world cooperation in building a safe zone. All Moslem demands should be vetoed. They are not welcome in Canada. Angus Reid did a survey very recently which resulted in 73% against this immigration situation. Absolutely, no funds to foreign countries should be allowed. There is no control to the assumed benefits. Most of these countries have dictators & use the funds not on the people but for corruption. A lot of Brits & Europeans (white) want to flee. Open immigration only to them. That is what our country was built on & is deliberately being destroyed. I don’t want another country’s culture. I want what is mine, what was given to me & a return to the Canada as we know it & want it to be.

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Last Stand in Londonistan

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Last Stand in Londonistan

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Last Stand in Londonistan

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