Chinese state media slams U.S. for Europe’s refugee

It specifically slammed the U.S. of direct or indirect interventions — widely known as “regime change”– to overthrow Saddam Hussein, Muammar Qadhafi and Hosni Mubarak, while supporting Syrian opposition to topple Bashar Assad

In a string of commentaries, Chinese state media has slammed the United States for triggering the flood of refugees into Europe, following its military interventions in Afghanistan, West Asia and North Africa.

A hard-hitting commentary in Xinhua counselled the United States to see the wave of refugees into Europe as a wakeup call to reverse its flawed foreign policy.

“Especially for the United States, it is high time to reflect upon its foreign policy as history and facts have shown that forcibly promoting its ideologies is dangerous and armed interventions can only bring about perilous outcomes,” the write up observed.

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Chinese state media slams U.S. for Europe’s refugee

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Chinese state media slams U.S. for Europe’s refugee

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