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Canadians leery of mass immigration

The government will also issue hundreds of thousands of visas for guest workers, students, and other visitors to our country.  There is a problem, however, with increasing immigration to historic highs: Canadians have never been more skeptical of mass immigration.  LINK TO ARTICLE

Immigration minister dismisses Trump security concerns over newcomers

“Hussen called Canada a “world leader” in settling and integrating immigrants, and said despite security concerns raised by some — including Trump — it’s possible to increase immigration while mitigating potential security concerns.” No wonder culture-killer Justin Trudeau handed him the job on a silver platter. Link To Article …

Reducing immigration not seen as racist by most, global survey shows

With the federal Liberal government announcing this week it will again raise immigration rates, Kaufmann writes in the academic journal, Foreign Affairs, there is sharp disagreement among people in the West, but not so much the East, over whether it’s racist to want to protect one’s own ethno-cultural group. Link To Article